War for Oceanland

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War for Oceanland
DateSeptember 18th - September 20th
Oceanland and Zurdonia
Status Oceanland surrenders to the Kingdom of Zurdonia and Overlord Kevin joins Zurdonia.
KOL.png Kingdom of Zurdonia UPUC international affairs.png Oceanland
Commanders and leaders
KOL.png King Chance UPUC international affairs.png Overlord Kevin
8 3

The War for Oceanland is an ongoing war between the Kingdom of Zurdonia and Oceanland. The war began over claims of the Oceanland province of the Kingdom of Zurdonia as both micronations claimed the area. However, Oceanland refused to allow Treasurer Liam of Zurdonia to leave the area, angering Zurdonia who then declared war on Oceanland.


A Zurdonian Soldier in the battle of the yard

Battle of the yard

The Battle of the yard was an Airsoft war between Zurdonian and Oceanlandic soldiers. The battle laste

General Riley fighting Oceanlandic Soldiers in the Battle of the Yard

d around one hour and ended in a Zurdonian victory. There were 3 Oceanlandic troops and 5 Zurdonian soldiers. Commander Alexander captured three pictures of the battle and you can see on of them here on this page. The Oceanlandic soldiers had greater fire power but the Kingdom of Zurdonia had more man power. The battle took place in the state of Pacific Grove in the Kingdom of Zurdonia. General Riley gave a small speach to the Zurdonian soldiers but it was not written down like he asked.

Intermicronational response

Support for Oceanland


Support for Zurdonia


The Kingdom of Zurdonia celebrates a victory and Oceanland surrenders. Overlord Kevin of Oceanland becomes Senator Kevin of the Kingdom of Zurdonia and will vote on the first bill.