War for Alhedreo Independence

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War for Alhedreo Independence
Date14 December 2010 - December 15, 2010
Pacific Sector
Result Alhedreo collapse due to lack of support from citizens, Prince abdicates
Pacific Legion.jpg Pacific Legion
*UPUC international affairs.png Empire of Kozuc
*Starland flag.jpg Republic of Starland
Allied Forces
Noflag.png Principality of Alhedreo
Commanders and leaders
UPUC international affairs.png Alexander Barini
Starland Armed Forces.jpgStarland flag.jpg General Nik Hart, Prime Minister Destiny Elmo
Noflag.png Prince Leo
20 11
Only 12 soldiers actually fight for the Kozuc Forces, 7 more are starlanders, and the remaining 1 is Istoria. Thus, at this present time the Pacific Legion in its entirety is at war against the Principality of Alhedreo

The War for Alhedreo Independece was a war between the Empire of Kozuc and the Principality of Alhedreo. The Principality declared war against the Republic of Starland and Kozuc, invading soon after the declaration. The Empire and the Principality have stated that they would not like anyone to join the war unless they are in the California Region.


The conflict began when Prince Leo decided not to recognise Emperor Chance Anders as the leader of Alhedreo and that he would not sign the decree of Starland, the legalisation of marijuana, the edict of the Pacific Sector, the Decree of Imperial Supremecy or the Military Act of December. Chance then issued a statement to Prince Leo, demanding that he sign the papers and that he was not to defy the Emperor. The Alhederan government then mobilised its defence force in secret and wrote a Declaration of Independence. Duke Liam and Prince Leo got into an argument and the Duchy of the Fatherland closed its borders. The Kingdom of Oceanland then declared support for the Empire politically but not militarily. When Alhedreo stationed its soldiers at the Duchy's borders, emails were passed between Starland and Kozuc before the Principality invaded and the war began.


There were no battels.

International Response

Support for Kozuc

  • Starland flag.jpg Republic of Starland Starland is one of the beligerants in the war already due to its being involvement with Kozuc already. The Prime Minister signed off for the Army of the Starlander Pacific Legion to be mobilized.
  • Istorian Flag.gif Istoria On December 15, Istoria declared war on Alhedreo, because Starland is Istoria's ally.
  • 2828900.png Kingdom of Emerald Isle The King declared political support but can't declare military support due to public moral issues.
  • Atlantis.flag.png Republic of Atlantis The Republic declare political and diplomatic support to Starland and Kozuc.
  • FTSR Flag.png The FTSR declared political support for Kozuc on December 16. Chairman Puglisi was quoted as saying that "Alhedreo has no right to secede." There are no plans for military support as the FTSR is currently involved in the Pimpville War.

Support for Alhedreo


  • Wyvernflagaugust2010.png Wyvern The King has stated that the micronations involved are free to actually fight and talk, but calls on the leaders of Kozuc and Starland to publish fewer news articles on the subject.
  • Uslssrflag.png USLSSR: Although no nation should be oppresed if they seek freedom, the USLSSR will remain neutral.
  • Flag Of Lbp.gif LBP: President Adriansyah Yassin has been stated that LBP will not join the war and remain neutral. On this time, the LBP's Central Government wants to prioritize the domestic issues than the intermicronational ones.
  • Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya: Unlike the defunct UPUC and Kingdom of Zurdonia, Ultamiya has not established diplomatic relations with the Kozuc Empire and will comply with the belligerents' request.
  • COF.png Statement by Prince Maarten of Arkel
  • Egtaviaflag.png Republic of Egtavia Official statement of the Egtavian Government is "Provide pictures or we will not recognise even the very existence of this war, let alone any kind of significance it may have other than boosting the egos of those involved."