North African Empire Defensive War

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North African Empire Defensive War
Date12 March 2020 - disappearance of Oliver Petrovič
online (Discord)
Result Ongoing
  • Aliance.png Alliance of Tomorrow
    • Vlajka Federativních státu řeky Vltavy 1.png Vltava
    • Kybistánská republika.png Kybistan (since 13 March)
    • NAE flag.png North African Empire (since 13 March)

    Monarchisticko-křesťanská Aliance logo 1.png MCA

  • Litenodia.png Litenodia (until 15 March)

    VPV flag.png VPV

    • SONV flag.png SONV
    • Lorinsko.png Lorins
    • VlajkaBohučsko.svg Bohuchia (since 14 March)
Commanders and leaders

Vlajka Federativních státu řeky Vltavy 1.png Peter Malček
Vlajka Federativních státu řeky Vltavy 1.png Lukáš Zima
Vlajka Federativních státu řeky Vltavy 1.png Martin Bousek
Kybistánská republika.png Jiří Stuna
Kybistánská republika.png Milan Hudek
Kybistánská republika.png Marek Kalvoda
Kybistánská republika.png Pavel Olah
Kybistánská republika.png Vojtěch Stuna
Vrbatacko - vlajka.png Patrik Sotona
NAE flag.png John Doe

NAE flag.png Jan Rössler

Litenodia.png Oliver Petrovič
Litenodia.png Matúš Ivan

SONV flag.png Pavel Morin
Lorinsko.png Josef Atnus II.

VlajkaBohučsko.svg Karel Hohuta
~50 250-500 (official sources, military size assumed smaller)

The North African Empire Defensive War (Czech: Obranná válka Severoafrické říše), also sometimes called War on international terrorism or War at Nitra is an ongoing conflict in Czech sector.


In summer of 2019, several new micronations joined the Czech sector, including Kybistani National Republic and Republic of Vitiania. These immediately entered a state of war as Vitiania claimed territory with Kybistani citizens. The war was proposed to be discussed on the Sušice summit, including Snowy plains potential intervention. The war however ended before the event and Kybistan annexed Vitiania. It was later discovered the conflicts date back to 2014 to amateur military groups that preceded the nations. In February 2020, an account karlos joined the Czech MicroWiki and it's Discord, spamming propaganda saying Vitiania should regain independence, and editing contents of Kybistani, Vitianian and Mendersian pages. He was disregarded as a troll and made the target of an equvalent of @New Eiffel Government on Czech Discord. It was later discovered as he was ignored, he was recruiting members for VPV, which is according to the Czech MicroWiki a group of intermicronational fighters against influence of some micronations. The group was later considered terrorist by some micronations, and karlos was discovered to be former Vitianian Pavel Morin by Kybistani intelligence service. The VPV allegedly disbanded on 1 March, and plans to turn UMCE and OUM against each other, as well as list of VPV's members, which included heads of state of Vltava and Lorins and an individual from Mapperia. Vltava has however already left the organization and formed the MCA with Kybistan. During March, Litenodia joined the Czech community, followed by North African Empire founded by a friend of Litenodian king. Both reported they were messaged by Morin, which confirmed VPV was still active.


On 11 March 2020 on 20:51 UTC, Oliver Petrovič of Litenodia posted a statement in Czech MicroWiki server news channel, according to which Litenodia implemented precautions for COVID-19 as well as ended war with the Gymnasium State and Mendersia and requsted resignation of North African Empire's head of state while claiming Bir Tawil. While Petrovič later disregarded this as a joke, as no war with mentioned nations never started and couldn't therefore end, North African Empire considered this a diplomatic attack on their nation. Federation of Vltava as an ally of North Africa called the online Conference of Nitra, where Litenodia proposed and later rejected a non-aggression pact. Vltava presented Litenodia with an ultimatum, according to which Litenodia should remove it's foreign mercenarions, be demilitarized and cancel their space program, and their government should be under supervision of Kybistan. Litenodia rejected the ultimatum, comparing it to Hitler's unfeasible ultimatum, which led to Vltava's chancellor Peter Malček declaring war on Litenodia on 12 March on 13:17 UTC. Kybistan declared mobilization on 13:20 UTC. Klitzibürg and Vrbatakia also joined the conflict on MCA's side. Gymnasium State, Mendersia and Mekniy all declared neutrality, Eric Smith later stated Mendersia will join the war if Gymnasium or Mekniy does.

Approximately at the time, Litendia started to cooperate with VPV, and on initiative of king of Weria, a member of VPV, rejected the war declaration. This was followed by a statement, in which Litenodia clarified their relations to other Czech micronations, calling Vltava and Kybistan its protectorates. It also mentioned mobilization on an invite to Litenodian server, despite never officially declaring mobilization. Litenodia also claimed to start preparing balistic missiles as part of their space program. Jiří Stuna of Kybistan proposed to prepare an actual battle somewhere in the Czech Republic, this was rejected by Petrovič.

On 13 March, the VPV Discord server was infiltrated by several Czech micronationalists as Weria was discovered to be espionage project of Jan Šťastný of Rednecks Republic. This led to change of the VPV server. Pavel Morin of SonV also claimed to declare war on all Czech micronations on 15:36 UTC, however that was ignored. Vltava started convincing other nations to take action against VPV's terrorism. Kybistan and North African Empire also officially declared war on Litenodia.

On 14 March, Litenodia was sent a peace treaty proposal, which was rejected as it asked for putting land under administration of MCA. Klitzibürg also dropped of the war and declared neutrality, newly founded Bohuchia later entered the war on VPV's side. A proposal to hold a discussion moderated by Archie Birch was made, and two of the three major combatants (Kybistan and Litenodia) agrees, the discussion however didn't occur as Vltava rejected participation, and stated they will only accept physical combat or Litenodia's surrender. Litenodia however stopped all cooperations with VPV and started posting anti-VPV posters, as well as started preparing their peace treaty proposal. Vltava, North African Empire and Kybistan also established the Alliance of Tomorrow, that claims to save democratic future of micronations from terrorism, ignored by others. After 23:00 UTC, representatives of Vltava and Kybistan raided Litenodian Discord server, spamming anti-Litenodian propaganda.

On 15 March, Litenodia proposed their peace treaty draft to the Alliance, it was however rejected by Vltava, which wanted a part of Litenodian territory put under MCA's administration. This resulted in Litenodia posting flags of both Vitiania and Alliance's members edited as islamic caliphates. Litenodia also banned Alliance's members from it's server, as well as few representatives of neutral nations, Mendersia and Rivultenigham due to reactions to Alliance's earlier spam. After 22:00 UTC, Litenodia signed capitulation, ending the conflict between it and the Alliance, and releasing territory of Ivankov. The Alliance however continued the war on VPV.

On 16 March, a former Litenodian citizen, later identified by MicroWiki accout as Lukáš Kubis, spammed several Discord servers, including servers of Kybistan and Litenodia, with Ivankov independence propaganda. Mr. Kubis also later stated he is not affiliated with VPV either. Two documents, allegedly specifying secret military operations of VPV (Ranné Vtáča and VPV), were distributed to the Alliance by Mr. Petrovič, both deemed as fake, later evidence of coverstaion between Mr. Morin and Mr. Petrovič however claimed the earlier was an actual plan, and the latter was fake to cover the leak of Ranné Vtáča. Both indicated Litenodia still cooperated with VPV, the latter one also stated that a representative of newly formed Czechoslovakia, known before as Flijavisk Republic. Since 16 March, all members of VPV suddenly ceased their activities on Discord.

During following days, a new account also with the name karlos2 appeared, assumed to be an alt account of Oliver Petrovič according to a confession the account made in private messages, Mr. Petrovič however presented several proofs that he was not the person behind the account. The person behind the second karlos2 account was later discovered to be user ./TechmandanCZ, and that Oliver and Flijavisk were a sockpuppets of him as well. Both Petrovič's and Flijavisk Czechoslovakias were dissolved.