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Flag of Ikonia
Capital St Bennosburg
Largest city West Aftonshire
Recognised national languages English,
Anglican, Catholocism
Demonym(s) Wandelstinian
Government Democracy
• Grand governor
Lukas I of Wandelstein
• Grand Governor
Drew of Wandelstein
Independence from Florida
• Declaration of Independence
19 October 2018
• Current constitution
28 December 2018
• Total
0.053 km2 (0.020 sq mi)
• Estimate
MPI 2.875
Currency Ikonian Kyro (IKO; κ)
Time zone EST, IST
Date format dd-mm-yyyy;
Driving side right
Calling code +1

The Grand State of Wandelstein' is a micronation based in claimed land within Auckland,New Zealand, Wandelstein' is occupied by a group of friends and associates of Lukas Hunter and Drew Young, who title themselves as Grand 'Governor'. The Population of Wandelstein currently settles at 21.


The Grand State of Wandelstein, is a free sovereign state founded march 2018 under the rule of Grand Governor Hunter, though only grew into a fully fledged state during march of 2018, followed not long after by Wandelsteinars conquering of Lukassia, and the alliance bond between Wandelstein and Combia, forming a Dual Fascist Dictatorship between the two rulers. Wandelstein was founded by Lukas Hunter during a deep state of boredom during 2011, and over the years gradually grew into more a passion project, beginning to form full sets of laws, plans include future land claims as well as military recruitment and tourism industries. As of present day, Wandelstein has 4 areas of claimed land as well as 21 registered citizens


'All People who do not meet the requirements of the state shall be deported under command of Grand Governor Hunter', One of the earlier policies passed by Grand Governor Hunter, 14/3/18, In order to keep the country at peace, give everybody what they require to be equal to other Wandelstein people, And prevent people from putting Wandelstein in a state of uncomfortable living for it's citizens. "All Crime Will Be Punished With Three Laps Around The Country" - Grand Governor Lukas