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The Grand State of Wandelstein
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Unitum esse fortior nobis
["Great Wandelstein"]
Capital city Crecos
Largest city Crecos
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Anglican Protestant
Demonym Wandelsteinar
Government Dual Fascist Dictatorship
- Grand Governor Grand Governor Lukas
- Grand Governor Grand Governor Young
Population 21
Currency Zoolua
National dish Pan de chocolate
National drink L&P
National animal Moa, Kiwi

The Grand State of Wandelstein is a micronation based in claimed land within Auckland,New Zealand, Wandelstein is occupied by a group of friends and associates of Lukas Hunter and Drew Young, who title themselves as Grand 'Governor'. The Population of Wandelstein currently settles at 21.


The Grand State of Wandelstein, is a free sovereign state founded march 2018 under the rule of Grand Governor Hunter, though only grew into a fully fledged state during march of 2018, followed not long after by Wandelsteinars conquering of Lukassia, and the alliance bond between Wandelstein and Combia, forming a Dual Fascist Dictatorship between the two rulers. Wandelstein was founded by Lukas Hunter during a deep state of boredom during 2011, and over the years gradually grew into more a passion project, beginning to form full sets of laws, plans include future land claims as well as military recruitment and tourism industries. As of present day, Wandelstein has 4 areas of claimed land as well as 21 registered citizens


'All People who do not meet the requirements of the state shall be deported under command of Grand Governor Hunter', One of the earlier policies passed by Grand Governor Hunter, 14/3/18, In order to keep the country at peace, give everybody what they require to be equal to other Wandelstein people, And prevent people from putting Wandelstein in a state of uncomfortable living for it's citizens. "All Crime Will Be Punished With Three Laps Around The Country" - Grand Governor Lukas

Mytho History

Note:The following section is simply Mytho History and should not be taken seriously

The Wandelsteinars had long lived in a place called the steppe but in 500 A.D a shift happened and a lot of the Slavic tribes migrated out into Europe leaving the Wandelsteinars without competition leaving the steppe so undefended that the Wandelsteinars soon moved to take it by the sixth century all of china and the steppe had fallen and southeast Asia was next. Sadly whilst campaigning in Vietnam the army got bogged down and the entire Wandelsteinar army was trapped in Vietnam and without the army the empire soon collapsed, the Wandelsteinar population typically kept close to the army and was forced to settle down in northern Vietnam The Wandelsteinars were unwelcome in Vietnam and were prosecuted at every turn making life for an average Wandelsteinar very hard the tensions between the two soon turned into the Zoolua War in which oppressed Wandelsteinars fought to gain rights from rich Vietnamese merchants who used them as cheap labor. This conflict was eventually won by the Wandelsteinars and the war ended in 800 A.D This victory soon led to a complete take over of the Vietnamese government and the re-institution of the Wandelsteinar empire and it's Prophecised God-King Lukas Hunter(Lukas Hunter Would Not Always Take The Same Form) The 2nd empire would not last long and only lasted 50 measly years this mostly happened due to the rapid conquering of south-east Asia and the Sino-Wandelsteinar War this war would last two years and would leave the Wandelsteinar empire weak and broken this lead to infighting and the Red Time(A Reference to the violence of the time) These factors would bring the new empire to it's knees. The Wandelsteinars knowing they would be killed if they stayed left on a expedition to New Zealand, These Expeditions soon came to bring great rewards such as the new capital of Crecos and a new cavalry simply referred to as 'Moa People' of which consisted of moa riders armed with spears and in some cases arquebuses


The Dictatorship of Wandelstein is a fledgling, safe nation, notable for its state-planned economy, compulsory military service, and irreverence towards religion.

The Wandelsteinar economy, worth 21 Zooluass a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal.Average income is 1 Zoolua, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.


Government Website : https://lukashunter8.wixsite.com/website