Wamongian invasion of Mushroomia

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Wamongian Invasion of Mushroomia
Part of the Shroom Affair
Date10 June 2018 - 30 August 2018
(10 June 1898 - 30 August 1898)
(2 months and 20 days)
Result Wamongian victory, Mushroomia becomes a puppet of Wamong
Republic of Wamong Republic of Mossia
Commanders and leaders
Harold Duighan Kira Duighan
Units involved
Wamong Military Mushroomian Militia
2 3

The Wamongian Invasion of Mushroomia was a conflict between the Republic of Wamong and the Republic of Mushroomia (though at the time it was known as Mossia), that began on 10 June 2018 right after the end of the Mushroomian Civil War, which saw the ousting of Jake, a high-ranking Mushroomian official who had committed treason against the Mushroomian government, and who also triggered the civil war due to animosity with Harold Duighan, who ruled Mushroomia. Harold, however, had switched sides and decided to defect against his own nation in order to grow his other nation, Wamong, which he saw as superior to Mushroomia, despite Mushroomia having been the more successful of the two. Kira Duighan, Harold's cat, inevitably took up the mantle as the leader as Harold prepared to destroy Mushroomia, and thus the invasion began.


Front Yard Campaign

Harold launched the first campaign by attempting to secure the front yard near his house. The Mushroomian military quickly repelled much of his attacks, however, and the Wamongian military struggled to secure a good foothold. A back and forth ensued, as each side, nearly equally matched, attempted to defeat the other. By the start of June 2018, however, things began ramping up, and the Wamongians quickly secured the front yard by 10 June 2018, ending the campaign.

Battle of the House

The Wamongians quickly made their way to the house, and attempted to crush the Mushroomians. However, they held up a large resistance, and would not surrender the house until 10 July 2018. Kira Duighan hid in the basement of the house, and refused to surrender for a long time. Half of the house was secured by the end of June 2018, though, and by 10 July 2018, the house was secured, and the Mushroomians fled.

Battle of the Driveway

The Mushroomians began slowly losing the will to fight by the Battle of the Driveway. This battle was planned to begin on 30 June 2018, as the Wamongians aimed to secure the house for good, and wanted to ensure they wouldn't lose. On 30 June 2018, the Wamongians made their way from the front yard to the Driveway. They successfully captured it on 5 August 2018, with no resistance.

Backyard Campaign

By then, the only remaining Mushroomian resistance was in the backyard. The Wamongians sent their forces northward and slowly began making their to the Shed, the last holdout for the Mushroomians. They began a siege, and successfully captured the Shed on 30 August 2018, and Kira Duighan surrendered the same day.


In the aftermath, the Mushroomians lost almost of their lands, and were forced to become a puppet state of Wamong. This was meant to humiliate the Mushroomians, and ensure they never resisted them. Harold eventually ousted Kira and made her Co-Leader, with him returning to the position of Leader. He formed the Independent Party of Mushroomia, which was a copycat of his own party of the same name in Wamong. Mushroomia has been subjugated for many years now, and it looks to not be ending anytime soon.