National Party (Wallenia)

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Wallenian National Party
Nationale Partij
LeaderBas Zwanenberg
Founded11 May 2021
Membership  (2021)3
IdeologyNational conservatism
Political positionright-wing
House of Delegates
3 / 17
House of Nobles
2 / 14
Commonwealth Council
1 / 5
(Wallene seats)

The Wallenian National Party, officially the National Party, and also known colloquially as the Nats, Nat-sies or simply the Nationals is a political party in the Kingdom of Wallenia. Ideologically, the Nationals sit on the right-wing of the political spectrum. The Nationals have been in government, Currently the Nationals is in coaliton with the Labour and New Wallenia as a demissionary unity government until the Next Wallenian general election From its foundation, it has been perceived by its opponents and the press as being backed and directed by the monarchy The Nationals was established as a sucessor to the IDON political assosiation

Positioned on right wing of the Wallenian political spectrum, the National Party is ideologically conservative. Various factions have dominated the party at different times, including one nation conservatives, Pro-interventionists, liberal conservatives and conservative liberals. The party's support base has historically consisted primarily residents of Klinkenberg ,However the nationals role as opposition has been replaced with the Democrats and the party has degrated to a third party, Tensions ran high for the elections as many National MP's and leaders declared their candidacies for the Grand Governorship,

Ideology and political positions

The NP has been described as ideologically national conservative, right-wing populist. On its official platform, the NP declares itself to be a movement rather than a party with a focus on protecting Wallenian independence, tradition, and cultural and intellectual property. The party also wants stricter immigration policies and is opposed to the GUM and CA thr NP is a conservative liberal party and as such supports economic liberalism. The party is a proponent of the introduction of a high tax-free bracket for everyone, the abolition of taxes on gifts and inheritance and a radical simplification of tax brackets. The party is a proponent of drastic changes in elementary and secondary education, focusing on performance evaluations for teachers.