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Waldschnecheland is a state in the Autocratic States of Klaise. The state is mostly uninhabited or abandoned. It consists of only one city and one county. As well, it only has around four citizens, making this state the least populous state in Klaise, yet it is the largest state by area.


The land is very steep and fragile, meaning that civilization would be nearly impossible to be made in Waldschnecheland. The area around Waldschnecheland includes Winston Valley, the Ichabod Valley and a large hill. The only city that inhabits Waldschnecheland is Ichabodopolis. In which only has four citizens residing in it.


The area only has four citizens, in which all reside in Ichabodopolis. The whole state is Caucasian.



The area has logging roads and chopped down trees littering the forest. This was suggested to had tooken place in the late 1970's and early 1980's.


During 2008, exploration was put in place to explore the northern frontier of the land. The three people that went exploring had to camp by Rolling Fork Creek in the Ichabod Valley. In which was to become Ichabodopolis. The namesake is to be belived to be named after the explorer's orphan kitten that died three days after the mother died. Due to the explorer's sadness, he named it after Ichabod.

The land has three failed settlements as well. Stadt auf Hotz was a camp by a river planned to become a town. The only permanent thing built there was a log cabin, in which a bear got in and destroyed everything when the residents were outside. Dertyr was another failed settlement. It was a logging village with around five residents. It only had two cabins and failed when a storm happened one night and flooded the city and another explanation would be the tree system died.


There had been three states in the area. Waldschnecheland it's self which was in the north. West Waldschnecheland in which encompassed Ausshaffen and Bohan. Also, Smokia in which was wilderness that failed when Smokia failed. West Waldschnecheland became apart of Tigress on November 19, 2013 due to West Waldschnecheland being an ultimately useless idea. Smokia was abandoned and the northern remainder became part of Waldschnecheland in which may become apart of the other states in the south. Klaise may disestablish the area in a whole and just leave the remainder of Welchburg, Tigress and Felixshire.


The area's name is literally Forest Snail Land if translated to English from German. The founder of the state saw a forest snail and named it Forest Snail Land. Then, Dylan Sandlin named it Waldschnecheland in 2011.