Wölfgang Scrooge

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Wölfgang F. Scrooge
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
January 16th, 2020
Chancellor Bailey von Hindenburg
Predecessor Abby Hooper
Personal information
Birth name Wölfgang Franz Scrooge
Citizenship Lilylandian
Political party The Labour Front
Religion Lutheran
Military service
Allegiance Lilylandia Lilylandia
Service/branch Volkstrennung
Rank Bandenchef Bandenchef

Wölfgang Franz Scrooge is a Lilylandian politician, philosopher, and a university professor, who currently serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Scrooge also served on the Constitutional Convention to help draft a constitution for the revival of Lilylandia. Prior to getting involved in politics, Scrooge was a member of the Communist Party, under Ayden Speiter, and a member of their Paramilitary wing the Volkstrennung (or "People's Detachment"). Scrooge is also the founder of a youth organization called the Jugendgarde (or Youth Guard).

Early Life

Wölfgang Franz Scrooge was born to a low class family in Rondon. His father was a Brigadechef (or Brigade Chief) of the Communist Party of Lilylandia.

Political Career

In 2015, Scrooge joined the Communist Party and quickly rose up the ranks to Bandenchef (or Gang Chief). His group was tasked with waging Street Wars with members of the far-right Fascist Party's paramilitary the Sturmkraft (or Storm Force). Scrooge fought against members of the Sturmkraft of the likes of Horst Hoffmann and Hans Hoffmann who are members of the prominent Hoffmann family.

Involvement in Operation: Dagger

On the Night of the Dagger, or Operation Dagger, which was an attempted coup against Roxy I attempted by Speiter, Scrooge was tasked with fighting against the Royal Police near 88 Royal Way. Scrooge was shot and later hospitalized for his injuries. After leaving the hospital he was arrested by members of the National Intelligence Agency for treason. He was incarcerated for life and was let out after the disestablishment of the Kingdom.

Constitutional Convention

On December 16th, 2019, Scrooge met with other members of the newly formed Constitutional Convention to form a constitution to revive Lilylandia. His signature is one of 15 signature on the December Constitution. He was then appointed acting Minister of Foreign Affairs until the Snap Election of 2020.