Vrylandian Broadcasting Corporation

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Vrylandian Broadcasting Corporation
Vrylandian Uitsaaikorporasie
VBC logo.png
Logo used since 12 April 2019
Type Statutory corporation
Industry Mass media
Founded 2018; 1 year ago
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Boardman
Employees 1
Executive None (Under direction of the Royal Office)
Services Broadcasting, Radio, Online
Parent agency Department of Communications and Media

The Vrylandian Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcaster of Vryland. It is a division of the Department of Communications and Media. The VBC was established by King William I in December 2018 for the purpose of providing news and important information to the public. As of April 2019, it was the only media outlet in the country.

The Vryland Herald

The Vryland Herald is the state-owned newspaper of Vryland. It was originally established as an independent state company, but it was taken over by the VBC in early 2019 due to a lack of staff.