State Union of Vlasynia-Dartiria

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State Union of Vlasynia-Dartiria
Uniunea de Stat a Vlasino-Dartiriei (Romanian)
21 June 2018 - 21 July 2018

Empire of Vlasynia-Dartiria Flag.png
File:U.R.V.D Coat.png
Coat of arms

Capital cityEnok, Remuş (Dual Capital)
Largest cityRemuş
Official language(s)Romanian, Latin
Official religion(s)Orthodox
GovernmentFederal dual Diarchy
- EmperorsEsted I
Sweyn I
EstablishedEstablished: 21 June 2018
Reorganized into a republic: 21 July 2018
Area claimedat least 1.3074 km2
at least 0.504 sq mi
Populationaprox. 5000-7000 (all unregistered, living inside borders)
CurrencyVlasyno-Dartirian Leu (VDL)
Time zoneUTC+2
Summer (DST): UTC+3
Patron saintSt. Andrew

The State Union of Vlasynia-Dartiria, also known as the Empire of Vlasynia-Dartiria and commonly known as Vlasynia-Dartiria (Vla-see-nee-a-Dar-tee-ree-a) was a federal imperial diarchy between the Despotate of Vlasynia and the Dartirian Empire. It was established on 21 June 2018 when Despot Ested I of Vlasynia and then Co-Emperor Sweyn Hardeknud of Dartiria agreed to merge their nations into one.

It was replaced by the United Republic of Vlasynia-Dartiria on 21 July 2018, when the two emperors decided to abolish their monarchies and reorganize the federated empire into a unitary dual presidential republic.


Establishment as the State Union of Vlasynia-Dartiria

On the 21st of June 2018, the Despotate of Vlasynia and the Dartirian Empire officially united into a federal Union, named The State Union (Empire) of Vlasynia-Dartiria. It was a dual diarchy, lead by then-Despot Denis I of Vlasynia and then-Co-Emperor Sweyn Hardeknud of Dartiria, who assumed the title of "Emperors".

At the same time, Denis and Sweyn continued to rule their respective nations, with the difference that they (the nations) were mere federal subjects, instead of being independent. That meant that at the same time they were leaders of both the federal subjects and the Union itself.

Formation of the United Republic

On the 21st of July 2018, the federal system was replaced by a centralised one. In the process, the Federal Subjects of Vlasynia and Dartiria were abolished and were replaced by the Capital Cities of Enok and Remuş and the Districts of Aethir and the Bucharester Territories. On the same day, the Union also made the transition from a diarchy to a democratic republic. Because of that the flag was changed, as well (the two heraldic symbols were removed, because they symbolised the rule of the monarchy). Other changed aspects were things like: the change of the Motto ("United and in glory"), the adoption of a single National Anthem ("Land of greatness"), the transition of Denis and Sweyn from Emperors to Presidents, the creation of the National Legislative Body (the Senate, which was unicameral), the creation of a Government lead by the Prime Minister, the adoption of a new Coat of Arms, the adoption of a National Constitution etc.

On the 24th of July 2018 the Teleajen and Trenari Districts were added to the Republic.

On the 9th of August 2018, the Tibiscum Island in Bucharest, Romania was invaded, annexed into the Bucharester Territories District. The settlement of Fort Ebulus was also established on the island. During the invasion many Sambucus ebulus plants bearing a large amount of their fruits were discovered.

On the 10th of August 2018, between 11:53 A.M UTC+2 and 12:05 P.M UTC+2 the borders of the Capital City of Enok were expanded during the Second Invasion of the Lacul Morii Island. As a result, the entire inner portion of the Island came under Vlasyno-Dartirian control. After the invasion many Rosa canina and Vaccinium vitis-idaea plants bearing a large amount of their fruits were discovered in the newly-annexed land.


On the 23rd of August 2018, due to internal disagreements, the leaders of Dartiria (Andrei Rusu and Sweyn Hardeknud) decided to split themselves and their reformed nation (the Revolutionary Republic of Dartiria) from the United Republic, thus ending Vlasynia-Dartiria's two-months-and-two-days existence.


The Vlasyno-Dartirian State was comprised of multiple pieces of land, all of them being enclaved within Romania. There were two types of administrative-territorial divisions: Capital Cities and Districts.


The official currency of Vlasynia-Dartiria was the Vlasyno-Dartirian Leu (VDL). They were first conceived on 5 August 2018, while the first banknotes were printed 5 days later. The denominations of the Vlasyno-Dartirian Leu were: 1 VDL, 2 VDL. 5 VDL, 10 VDL, 20 VDL, 50 VDL, 100 VDL, 200 VDL and 500 VDL. The VDL were divided in Vlasyno-Dartirian Bani (1 VDL = 100 Bani), with the following denominations: 1 Ban, 2 Bani, 5 Bani, 10 Bani, 20 Bani, 50 Bani, 1 Leu and 2 Lei. The currency was backed by Romanian Lei (RON).