Vladimir Slochiv Pinhssia

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the President of the
Wassilia Socialist People's Republic
Micronation Ruled Wassilia Socialist People's Republic
Presidency 20/01/2016 - Present
Other Titles/Styles
Predecessor Office created
Consort -
Party Wassilia Soviet Socialist Party
Micronation Ruled [[Confederate States of Wassilia
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Predecessor None

Vladimir Slochiv Pinhssia is the president of the Wassilia Socialist People's Republic, he became the citizen of the Pinx Union on December 28, 2012 and join the Pinx National Secret Police Committee, and than he became a spy of the Pinx Union. In February 17, 2015, the strangest enemy of the Pinx, Republic of Garash, has ruined from Pinhssia and became a republic of the Pinx Union, called "the Pinx Republic of Garash. Because of this ,Pinhssia got the strangest military power of the Pinx Republic of Wassilia. He also staged a coup on June 9th 2015 and declared that Wassilia is not a part of the Pinx Union at all, than he established the Wassilia Sixth Empire. After this he became the Leader of the Empire of the W.S.E. He changed the national name "Wassilia Sixth Empire" into "the Wassilia Socialist People's Republic" on January 20, 2016.