Vista Eleusis

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Vista Eleusis
—  Unincorporated Community in Pantanal  —
 - mayor vacant
Population (2020)
 - Total 0

Vista Eleusis is a Ghost Town located in Pantanal, Wendatia. First built as a treehouse, it was eventually abandoned by 2016. When Wendatia formed in 2020, it was never recognized until 3 February 2021, which by that point it was considered too dangerous to be inhabited again, due to factors such as flooding from Nuevo Eleusis Bay, and structural decay.


Vista Eleusis' construction is mysterious, as no specific date of its completion is specific. It is estimated to have been in the 2012-2014 range. By 2016, neglect had left it rotting away, and by 2021, when it was recognized by the Wendatian government, it has decayed by a lot, leading many to believe that it was too dangerous to go back.