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Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith
President of the Republic of Drew Star Line

Leader of the Drew Star Line Legacy

5th President of the DSL Legacy
In office 1 March 2007 - present
Predecessor Jericho Gilmore
1st Vice President of the DSL Legacy
In office 15 September 2005 - 1 March 2006
Predecessor Office established
Successor Jericho Gilmore
2nd President of the DSL Legacy
In office 1 March 2006 - 1 September 2006
Predecessor Diego Bell
Successor Justin Zeller
Born 27 August 1996 (age 20)
Jackson, Mississippi, United States Flag of the United States.png
Religion Agnostic

Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith is the founder and current leader of the Republic of Drew Star Line (DSL). She began her career in micronationalism with the co-founding of DSL along with five others on 13 September 2005, and has led the project and its successors (which are collectively termed as the Drew Star Line Legacy) for more than three-quarters of their existence. An open male-to-female transgender, Clingersmith has often been described as a brash and eccentric individual by some members of the community, but she is conversely seen as brave and committed to DSL's interests by her friends and allies.

Clingersmith is most famous for her actions during the Rice Lane War against New Pamlico in May 2010, having led her micronation to victory in a pivotal battle against their adversary's forces. She is also well known for reforming the Drew Star Line Legacy's national objectives, aiming to create a new nation on the South Pacific island of Raoul in the 2020's. Clingersmith is also one of the five founding members of the now defunct Kermadec Union.

Clingersmith became a controversial community figure in June 2016 when she openly challenged Markus Abernathy, Emperor of New Israel, for his hard-lined beliefs regarding LGBT rights and enslavement. Similar controversies surround her actions against Bilal Irfan of Shorewell, Dallin Langford of Cinnamon Creek, and Henry Twain of various micronations. These unsubstantiated attacks on other community members were reportedly part of a long-term study of the community's stability, although many micronationalists doubt the validity of Clingersmith's claims and no official report has ever been given on such a study. Her abrasive personality, combined with her use of "colorful" language, have earned her a marque as one of the most infamous individuals in the community. Despite the general animosity towards her, Clingersmith has also been seen as a passionate and respected defender of minority rights, and her tactics have made DSL one of the more well known new nation projects in the community.


Drew Star Line Years (2005 - 2007)

Early Starland Years (2007 - 2010)

Later Starland Years (2010 - 2013)

San Dover and the Interim Years (2013 - 2015)

Raoul Years (2015 - Present)

Personal Life

Violette Clingersmith is an avid hiker and cyclist, often spending her weekends enjoying these activities in her micronation's former territory of the Rice Lane Woods. She also usually rides her bicycle to work and to school, despite owning and operating a car. Clingersmith has become well known in DSL for her active and adventurous lifestyle, and has been responsible for leading almost every expedition into new territory since the micronation's founding. Her knowledge and experience of the outdoors have slated her to lead the first wave of settlers to Raoul Island in 2020's.

Clingersmith is a fan of the Jak and Daxter video game franchise, which she claims to have been the most important influence on the culture of DSL. She is a chief editor of the Jak and Daxter Wiki as well. Other video games that Clingersmith enjoys are the Rayman series and Army Men: RTS. Clingersmith's favorite movie is Cloud Atlas, which stars her favorite actor, Tom Hanks. She also likes Apocalypse Now and Apollo 13. Clingersmith's favorite television program is The Venture Bros.. Clingersmith's favorite music genres are disco, jazz and 80's rock, and her all time favorite song is 99 Luftballons. Among other entertainment genres, Clingersmith also enjoys the board game Axis & Allies, having built a specially designed table to house the game's massive four-part board.

Clingersmith is into goth, punk, and sweet lolita fashion, but considers the style too expensive and time consuming for everyday wear. Her normal mode of dress is typically a t-shirt and jeans, however she is rarely seen without a furry, white hat that her late fiance crafted for her. The hat is often referred to by Clingersmith as "Big Fuzzy," which she claims is short for "That Big, Fuzzy White Hat." Clingersmith has a strong emotional attachment to Big Fuzzy, and has been known to fall into depressive and sometimes violent spells when deprived of it. Clingersmith is also well known for her bronze pipe with an artistic head and for brandishing a bamboo staff called "Dominatus," which she received from Michael Layton in the aftermath of the Rice Lane War.

Clingersmith considers herself to be an anarcho-communist, which she jokingly refers to as "hippie communism." She was once a member of the CPUSA's Young Communist League during high school. Upon becoming an adult in 2014, Clingersmith declined to become a full member of the CPUSA, citing her belief that the organization did not actively defend democracy. Clingersmith has repeatedly stated that she is a "great believer in the power of the democratic will" of both DSL's citizens and the people of the world in general. However, her impatience has often overridden this core belief, such as when she took direct control of New Starland's Grand Council on three separate occasions due to inactivity.

Clingersmith is a fan and collector of newspaper comic strips, and has the complete collections of over two dozen series, of which her favorite comic strip is Krazy Kat. She has contributed to several Wikipedia articles related to Calvin and Hobbes, and has conducted statistical work for the Peanuts Wiki.

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