Vilthian Presidential Elections, 2017

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Vilthian Presidential Elections, 2017

← 2012 30 July 2017 2022 →
  Fronte-verde.jpg Indipendenza.jpg Margherita.jpg
Nominee Simone Spadone Giovanni Alesi Emiliano Zanori
Home state Vignetia Teratiliventhia Colat
States carried 0 3 2
Popular vote 17 45 42
Percentage 16.35% 43.27% 40.38%


President of the Governatorate before election

Alessia Garazzini
Green Front Party

Elected President of the Governatorate

Giovanni Alesi

A presidential election to determine the 3rd President of the Governatorate took place on July 30, 2017 together with the Vilthian Feudal Elections, 2017, where the candidate from the newly-founded Indipendenza! party Giovanni Alesi defeated the left candidate Emiliano Zanori.

Incumbent President Alessia Garazzini of the Green Front Party was eligible for a rerun, however she did not intended to run for a second consecutive term. His party's candidate was instead Simone Spadone, who has previously served as Camerlengo which, however, has collected just 16.35% of preferences.