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Kingdom of Villturheim (eng)

Konungsríkið Villturheim (is)

Kinrick o Villturheim (sco)

National Flag of Villturheim, Adopted January, 2017
Coat of Arms of The Kingdom of Villturheim, Adopted July, 2018

[Benevolent and Strong]
Capital cityScottsburgh
Largest cityScottsburgh (by land area)
Scottsburgh (by population)
Official language(s)English (de facto, unofficial)
Official religion(s)Ásatrú
GovernmentBenevolent Monarchy
- KingHis Royal Highness Ulfraud, King of the Villt
- ChancellorThe Honorable Hilda Vorsdottir
LegislatureAlthing of Villturheim
Established20 September 2005
Area claimedMarie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Rason, North Korea
Bir Tawil, Africa
Spratly Islands, South China Sea
St. Kilda (Skildir), Scotland
Flannan Isles, Scotland
Stroma, Scotland
CurrencyVilltgeld ($)/Hacksilver (¢)
National animalGrey Wolf
Patron saintTýr (royal gods)
Odin (national gods)

The kingdom of villturheim

Meaning the wild home or wild world. The micro nation was in free association with the United States and the United Kingdom until January 1, 2017. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 2005 as a principality. When it separated from the United Kingdom and the United States it became its own independent kingdom.

The initial goal is to acquire several hundred acres to build an off-grid eco village. The nation was started and is still administered by The Society of the Villt.


Villturheim is a Kingdom with a King as the Sovereign, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief. There is also an elected parliamentary government with a Chancellor as Head of Government and an Althing, known individually as Alder, which serves as a representative body of the people. All citizens are eligible to run for elected positions. All people on Earth are eligible for citizenship. All citizens are under the protection of the King and have equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unlike most monarchies, the King (or Queen) acts as not only a leader, but a servant to his or her people. It is the monarch's duty uphold the rights of all citizens. Monarchs are considered first among equals.

Government and transfer of power

The first and current King is Ulfraud McTyr who is often styled His Royal Highness Ulfraud, King of the Villt. He is also known as Ulf the Red. He has been King since January 2017 and was prince from 2005 to 2017. The Prime Minister is Hilda Vorsdottir. She has been Prime Minister since 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.

As a Kingdom, the King or Queen acts as Head of State, Head of the Military and head of the judiciary. Kings (and Queens) rule for life or as long as they are able. The first child born, or adopted if biological children are not possible, by a King (or Queen) is next in line. Males hold the title of King and females Queen but both have the same power and act as sovereign. The spouse of a King or Queen holds the title of Duke Consort or Duchess Consort not King or Queen respectively. The spouse of a king or queen holds the title of Regent when the King or Queen is absent and serves as ruler in their stead.

Flag of the ruling Monarch. Adopted January, 2017

The Prime Minister is elected by popular vote and serves for four years and members of the Council of Alders are elected locally by popular vote and serve for five years.

The King (or Queen) is Head of the Military, though day-to-day operations of the military are run by the Commandant General/Admiral, a four star rank.

The High Court are appointed by the Prime Minister. There are nine members. The King stands as the highest judge and the highest court and is one higher than High Court, though things rarely get above High Court and is only done by petition by either the defendant, either attorney or the High Court. Only the King can sentence one to banishment.

Every month The Althing of Villturheim, made of the Council of Alders and the Prime Minister assemble to support constituents. Every quarter the King, Prime Minister, Council of Alders, High Court and Commandant General/Admiral hold a high assembly to pass legislation.

Since the abolition of political parties in 2010, fascism, communism and unrestricted capitalism are forbidden. Anyone affiliated with a hate group is ineligible for citizenship. Any citizen who affiliates with a hate group while a citizen will be sentenced to automatic banishment and loss of all property within the borders of Villturheim. They will also lose citizenship and any rights to set foot inside the borders again. The Monarchy and the State operate together to form a hybrid benevolent dictatorship and social democracy which practices a mixed economy and keynesian capitalism.

Rights granted by the king

The King grants the same rights to all citizens.

-The right to one's own body. This means that sexual assault and murder are the worst crimes one can commit. This also means women have the right to decide if they want to bear children and how many. Permanent body modification is not legal before the age of maturity (18), this includes circumcision.

-The right to marry whomever one wants and however many one wants. This right is extended only to fully consenting adults. The age of maturity is 18.

-The right to food and fresh water.

-The right to modern medical care.

-The right to education.

-The right to self-defense.

-The right to free thought and speech. Though many argue that outlawing hate groups and fascism is not allowing free speech, this is justified by the fact that fascism is an affront to the gods and the antithesis to freedom and free speech itself.


First Flag of Villturheim. 2005- 2010
Old Tricolor. Still used. Second Flag of Villturheim. National Flag 2010- 2017. Secondary Flag 2017- Present

Villturheim was founded in 2005 in Berkshire, England. The Government of Villturheim began in Reading, Berkshire but are now headquartered in Illinois, USA. The government is defined as a semi-democratic monarchy. The elected government was ruled by the Left Socialist Party of Villturheim from 2005 to 2009. In 2010 all political parties were banned. The flag was changed in 2010 to show political neutrality. The flag was changed again in 2017 to symbolize total independence from both the United Kingdom and the United States. The tricolor flag is still authorized and is considered a patriotic symbol and the military's war banner is based on the 2005 flag.


There is a rich and ancient culture in Villturheim, though it is by all means a modern nation. Villturheim has two mottos, "Indomitable" as well as "Many and One". These are both significant in that Villturheim sees itself as a nation with a wild and unconquerable spirit as well as fiercely independent and individual yet unified in a common culture and lifestyle.


Villturheim has two official languages, English and Icelandic. Signs and writing can often be seen in both as well as either latin or runic script. A small minority also speak Scots, but English is the most commonly used language overall.


Religious Emblem of the Society of the Villt. Adopted 2018

Though there is freedom of religion in Villturheim, proselytizing is forbidden. Citizens are free to be any religion, atheist or agnostic, though the Royal Family must be Ásatrú and Ásatrú is the only state funded religion. Exclusive and racist forms of Ásatrú are forbidden as everyone in Villturheim has equal rights.

The patron and matron gods of the Royal Family are Týr and Freyja. The patron and matron gods of the nation are Odin and Jörð.

-Art and Architecture-

When land is acquired, artists will be encouraged to come contribute art, sculpture and film. All homes and buildings will blend with the landscape and maximized efficiency. Each home and building will be artistically unique. Ideally each home and building would be able to function fully off-grid. The initial village will ideally have a population of 160 villagers.


Badge of the Football Association of The Kingdom of Villturheim, Adopted January, 2017

Popular sports in Villturheim are ice hockey, football (soccer), gridiron football, basketball and baseball. There are not any national teams yet but a national football team is planned for 2018.


Villturheim has a long military tradition. Before the founding of the new country, citizens of Villturheim have served in the British Army, the Royal Canadian Navy and the King served in the U.S. Navy. The head of the military is a four star Admiral or General and holds the title of Commandant Admiral/General. The current head of the armed forces is Commandant Admiral Hamish Mccoulah. All service members are both soldiers and sailors. There are no separate branches. All ranks are shared except for the titles of Admirals for sea specific posts and Generals for land specific posts and only for three and four star ranks.

Both men and women serve at all levels and in all functions. Nearly half of the population is in the military. Every other citizen is trained to be a reservist.

Military flag of Villturheim, Adopted January, 2017. Based on the original 2005 flag