Viceroyalty of Willand

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The Viceroyalty of Willand is the claims of the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa in Minecraft, and specifically on the Wyvern Minecraft Server. The settlement is based along the mainline of the server's railroad system, where the capital of Rooseveltown with Eleanor Station, and Fern City, lie. The former city is based in a desert biome, near a river that seperates the desert from a prairie, and the latter which is a cottage in a jungle biome on the shores of the ocean. A third planned town named "Canyonville" is based in the prairie near a deep canyon, and is connected to Rooseveltown and the main railroad line by a branch of the Georgetown & Territories Railroad. Willand is ruled by the Viceroy, currently Grand Duke Wilary I himself. The nearest settlement to Willand is Ark to the north, followed by Eggmanland a good distance south.