Vice President of Bonumland

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President of the Republic of Bonumland
Vice Presidential Flag
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Aydan Dillon

since 22 January 2019
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceNone official
AppointerPresident of Bonumland
Term lengthUnlimited
Inaugural holderAydan Dillon

The Vice President of Bonumland is the deputy to the President of Bonumland.

The Vice President directs the executive branch of the Bonumlandian Government and will be the Supreme Commander (commander-in-chief) of the Armed Forces of Bonumland once they have been established.

The Vice President can serve an unlimited amount of time since Bonumland is a dictatorship.

The current vice president of Bonumland is Aydan Dillon.

Vice Presidential Flag/Standard

The Vice Presidential Flag (Standard) of the Vice President of Bonumland was adopted by President Nick Rankov in September 2018.

Presidential flag of the President of Bonumland

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