Annie Walczyk I

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Annie Mae Walczyk I

1st Vice President of the Republic of Resoria
Assumed office:
May 26, 2010 - Incumbent
Preceded by: N/A
Succeded by: N/A
Personal information
Born: 23 May 1995 (1995-05-23) (age 28)
Macronationality: Polish
Micronationality Resorian
Political Party: Vice President of Resoria
Residence: Pennsylvania, United States
Religion: Roman Catholic

Annie Walczyk is the current vice president of Resoria. While Annie Walczyk was not one of the founders of the country, she has accepted her offer as vice president. She is the brother of president John Walczyk.

Outside Resorian Politics

Like John Walczyk, she still attends school, and proves to spend more time outside the house. She also still lives with her family, but sometimes hangs out with her friends.


Like stated before, she had no appearance in the creation of Resoria, but has accepted her offer as vice president. She is the 2nd resident to live in Resoria.