Federative Republic of Bryantia

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Federative Republic of Bryantia
Motto: "Libertatem, Iustitiae, Unity"
Anthem: "Hail Columbia"
Official languagesAmerican English
American Spanish
ReligionProtestant Christianity
GovernmentFederal Democratic Republic
• Premier
Roy Jackson (PSP)
• Vice Premier
Jimmy Foddle (I)
• First Secretary
Benjamin Pickles (PSP)
LegislatureSupreme National Congress of Bryantia
Independence from the United States
• State established
3 March 2019
• Current Constitution
13 January 2021
• Total
3.16 km2 (1.22 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright

The Federative Republic of Bryantia is a self-declared country, or micronation, which is not recognized by the United Nations or any other major geopolitical organizations. Originally a one-party socialist state, it was founded on 3 March 2019, and has been known by several names throughout its history.


Bryantia is a federal democratic republic. Similarily to many countries, its government is divided into an executive; a legislative; and a judicial branch.

Supreme National Congress of Bryantia

The Supreme National Congress of Bryantia is directly elected using party-list proportional representation, and functions similarily to to parliaments in other nations. Its equivalent to a prime minister is the first secretary.

State governments

Bryantia is divided into states, each with an elected Regional Secretary. The states are as follows:

  • Glendia (Capital: Nathanville)
  • Ruldonskia (Capital: Samual City)
  • Martinland (Capital: Martinpol)
  • Zelmuya (Capital: Svobodno)
  • Royshire (Capital: Gabrielnya)
  • Tutelvia (Capital: Abramgrad)


The culture of Bryantia is similar to that of the United States and other anglospheric countries.


  • 1 January: New Years day
  • 4 January: Democracy Day
  • 18 January: MLK Day
  • 3 March: Independence Day
  • 21 March: First Premierovich Harley Day
  • 1 May: International Workers Day
  • 31 May: Memorial Day
  • 18 June: Juneteenth
  • 3 July: First Premieress Bella day
  • 6 July: Premier's Day
  • 12 October: Premierovich Bear day
  • 3 November: Revolution Day
  • Fourth thursday of November: Thankgiving
  • 25 December: Christmas Day
  • 31 December: New Years Eve

National animals

The national animal of Bryantia is the white tailed deer, which is commonly found in the state of Tutelvia. The national insect is the honey bee.