Vice-President of Iustus

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Nick Randouler
Monarch of Posaf
2nd January, 2018 - 4th January, 2018
Predecessor none
Successor Henry Edwelo
Seat in House of Commons Posaf
voted in office:
12th January, 2018
Predecessor none (elected into the Commons)
Successor none
Leader of Conservative Party Posaf
13th January, 2018
Predecessor co-founder
Successor none
Personal Information
Born USA
Birth name Nicholas Randouler
Citizenship United States, Posaf, Popular Union of Occitania
Nationality Posafian
Political party Conservative Party
Residence Mae, Posaf
Religion Methodist

Early life

Micronational carrer




Other micronations

Personal political views

Around mid-2015 Nicholas Randouler started to understand what politics really are and how they would benefit society. This was also the time the 2016 US Presidential election was going on. Around early 2016 Randouler started to express his support to third-party candidate Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, while not liking any other candidate. His focus changed when he saw the flaws of the Libertarian Party and the weakness of the party itself. Then he began to support President Donald Trump after seeing his ideas for America and his purpose for running. Randouler soon became an avid Trump supporter and purchase some of his merchandise. Randouler would consider himself apart of the Republican Party and would often agree with everything about the party and it works.