Vice-Chairman of the Association of South Asian Micronations

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Vice-Chairman of the Association of South Asian Micronations
Association of South Asian Micronations - Logo.svg
Logo of the Association of South Asian Micronations
Vishwam Khandelwal

since 25 August 2020
(acting until 12 December)
StyleMr./M./Mme. Vice-Chair
His/Her Excellency[1]
AppointerFull members and observers
Term lengthOne year
Inaugural holderVishwam Khandelwal
Formation25 August 2020

The Vice-Chairman of the Association of South Asian Micronations, is the deputy executive leader and deputy chief administrative officer of the Association of South Asian Micronations. Akin to the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Vice-Chairperson is the junior of the two recognised leaders of the ASAM, with the office taking precedence over all other political appointments and positions in the organisation. The Vice-Chair is the deputy presiding officer of the Quorum of Members, serving as the deputy speaker for that chamber, and exercising many of the powers usually vested in the speaker of a legislative chamber in case of the absence of the Chairman. The Vice Chairman is nominated by the Chair, who is also required to be elected by a vote by the member-nations and observers.


The position of the Head of the organization was created with the inception of the office on 25 August 2020[2], with founder-member and the Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy being the first head of the organization. As there was no official election to the office of the Vice-Chairman, he continued to serve on an acting basis until being elected officially for a full term during the first summit meeting of the organization. The office was known as the "President of the organization", which was renamed as Vice-Chairman during the summit.


The Vice-Chair serves for a period of one year. The Vice-Chair is elected by all full members and observer members in a ballot held online, with one vote allotted to each member state.

List of ASAM Vice-Chairmen

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Chairman Term of office
1 Vishwam Khandelwal.jpg Vishwam Khandelwal
Micronation of the
Avigation Vision of Radiator
Dhrubajyoti Roy 25 August 2020 Present 1 year, 25 days
One of the founder member and pioneer of the Association of South Asian Micronations. He became the Vice-President of the organization on 25 August 2020 following the inception of the ASAM. He was officially elected as the Vice-Chairman[a] for a full term on 12 December 2020 during the 2020 ASAM Rajagriha summit.

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  1. This an informal style, used only on occasion, often by parties outside of the Grand Unified Micronational.
  2. Roy, Dhrubajyoti (25 August 2020) With great joy and happiness, we announce the establishment of the "Association of South Asian Micronations". . . State of Vishwamitra. Retrieved 13 December 2020.
  1. The title of President was replaced by the Chairman on 12 December 2020.