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The Viafruktan Empire, commonly known as Viafrukto, is a micronation located in the Central European country of Hungary. Viafrukto was originally established as the Neutfere Kingdom by Lazen Valenat in June of 2018; in May of 2019 he declared Viafrukto to be the lawful successor to Neutnacia and assumed the regal name of Lazco I.

Viafruktan Empire Zászló676767.png
Together with Dio and the Emperor, grow and get glory, Motherland!

Nacio vivas
Capital cityPatrujourbo
Official language(s)Esperanto
Official religion(s)Viafruktan Christian/Re-reformated
- EmperorLazco I
LegislatureParlamento de Patrujourbo
- Last election - 13 May 2019
Established4 June 2018(reestablished on 13 May 2019)
National sportFootball
National animalDog


The Neutfere Kingdom was founded in the 4th of June, 2018. It was first led by Supreme Leader Lazen Valenat, the official language was Neutlen, and the official religion was the Gubism. But on the 2nd of December, 2018, a revolution has broken, Lazen Valenat was deported to the Antarctica (as Neutlen history books says), and Branet Calmenat got power, who declared the State-Union of Neutnacia in the 5th of December, 2018. This regime didn't last for long, because Branet Calmenat strangely disappeared in February, 2019, and in the 20th of February, I. Pofyhe got power, and declared the Kingdom of Neutnacia. (some people think he was Lazen Valenat with changed name). On the 4th of March, 2019, the Esperanto Revolution has broken up in the capital, Domezad. Esperautlen (people who speak Esperanto and has Latin traditions in the territory of Neutnacia) people demanded autonomy from the Parliament, but I. Pofyhe and the united arms of the Neutfere Police, Secret Police and the Neutfere Royal Army attacked the rebels, but they lost. I. Pofyhe was deported to the Antarctica (as Viafruktan history books says). Then, for 2 months, there was anarchy in the territory. On the 13th of May, 2019, Emperor I. Laczo found the Viafruktan Empire, declared as the official law-successor of all states in the territory of Neutnacia (but the Neutferes and the Viafruktans are deadly enemies today, too), so they can celebrate their state-foundation in the 4th of June.

Government and territories

Viafrukto has 3 types of territories. They are not neighbouring each other, since Hungary is the macronation, people living in the Kolonios have to go across it to get from a Kolonio to another or to the Patrujo. The Patrujo is the centre of the state, the state government works here, the Church is here. There are Kolonios, officially 3, Biro Kolonio, Danubo Kolonio, Taso Kolonio. They work like the country in most of the nations. Most of the Viafruktan people live here. And there are Nelanios, like the USA's Alaska state, or the southern part of Western Sahara. They are not part of Viafrukto, but they're "claims" of it.
The head of the Empire is the Emperor, and the Emperor is the Prince of the Patrujo, too. There are 3 more Princes, Prince of Biro Kolonio, Prince of Danubo Kolonio, Prince of Taso Kolonio. The Princes can make laws for their Kolonios, but they need a confirm from the Emperor, who can make laws without any confirmation.

Religion and folk traditions

Viafrukto's religion is Re-reformated Christian. They believe the Creation, the story of Adam and Eve, and the whole New Testament, but they don't believe most of the Old Testament. God is named Dio, but today the name Dio became the God of the Re-reformated Christian religion. They celebrate most of the Christian occasions like Easter, Pentecost, Christmas. On Easter, boys go watering, but for watering, they get unpainted eggs, too, because when they arrive home, they have to throw it to the fence, chasing the Winter and the cold. On Pentecost, they have to cut the grass before Pentecost, or Dio will send rain for 20 days. On Christmas, they haven't got any traditions besides our Christian traditions like setting the tree and giving presents to each other. On New Year, they make fireworks and broke plates, and as much pieces it brokes, as much rich weeks will the people have.

Citizens and residents, diplomatic relations

You can order residency or make diplomatic relations on the page ... .