Viadalvian presidential election, 2018

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Viadalvian Presidential Election, 2018
160 Electoral Points
80 electoral points needed to win
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← 2014 January 2018
  Knive Campaign.png
Nominee Timo Vink Justin Knive
Party National Party Independent
Home state Vinkenburg Kars
Running mate Colin Vink
Electoral vote 0
States carried 0 0
Popular vote 0 0
Percentage 0

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The electoral map for the 2018 election, based on populations from the 2013 Census.

President before election

Timo Vink
National Party

Elected President

Timo Vink
National Party

The Viadalvian Presidential Election, 2018, scheduled for January, will be the 4th quadrennial Viadalvian presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will either elect a new president through the electoral points system or re-elect the incumbents.

Vink had alienated much of his conservative base by breaking his 2014 campaign pledge against raising taxes. The economy was in recession and Vink's racist statements, Also Viadalvia was in a state of dissarray As the incumbent president, Vink secured the National Party nomination with no serious opposition. The Social Liberal Party was more fractured; Jasper Bosman was consistently competitive in the polls, but faced challenges from a number of more progressive contenders whose popularity each fluctuated, often besting Bosman's. Former President Shady Morsi accepted the small Democratic Alliance nomination, Since he was banned to join the Social Liberals


Democratic Alliance nomination

The Democratic Alliance is small party, that was established as a splinter party of the Viadalvian Unionist Party The DA has 2 seats in the Staatsraad, had some support in South Viadalvia,

Libertarian conservatives reconvened in Former Voltak and endorsed the formation of a national libertarian party. When formally launched later the new DA chose former president Shady Morsi as its presidential nominee. Morsi accepted. Despite he left micronationationalism in 2017

National Party nomination

As with National Party rules, The higest ranking member wloud become the presidential nominee. In this case was it Timo Vink, The current President, President Vink announced his reelection bid in early 2017, However Timo Vink is not populair, Vink originally planned to make only one or two major speeches, and to leave the rest of the campaigning to supporters, as sitting presidents had traditionally done. Vink, encouraged by National pleas and outraged by both Democratic and Social Liberal claims, Vink entered the public fray. In the nine Election debates Vink primarily defended his administration and his philosophy of government. Vink urged voters to hold to the "Trumpian Keep Viadalvia Great," rejecting the notion that government interventionism could save the country from total isolationism

In his campaign trips around the country, Vink was faced with perhaps the most hostile crowds of any sitting president. He was often heckled while speaking, and on several occasions, the VPSG halted attempts to injure Vink by disgruntled citizens, including capturing one man nearing Hoover carrying bronze sticks ,

Both The Democrats and Social Liberals attacked Vink as the cause of the Isolationalism of Viadalvia, and for being indifferent to the suffering of the Viadalvian population. Several factors were key in Vink's unpopularity (he have an approval rating of 17%). Is the fact that he didnt resist that Voltak was demolished, His racist views ("The Islamic Population of Viadalvia is a Swarm of flies who just want money")The ailing economy which arose from recession may have been the main factor in Vink's unpopularity,

Social Liberal nonination

Former Police commissioner Jasper Bosman, announces his canidacy on April 12, 2017, He faced challenges from Former Communist Senator Youri van Swieten who became the second major candidate when he formally announced on April 30, 2017, that he was running for the SocialLiberal nomination. Polling numbers indicated a narrowing gap between Bosman and Van Swieten


Justin Knive

Justin Knive, current Prime Minister of Viadalvia nominated himself as President and Ruben Zandij for Vice President. Their platform included to establish Chirstian conservatism in Viadalvia, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy technologies.


Poster attacking President Vink for his actions on Voltak

The 2018 presidential campaign was bitterly contested. Election seson was announced on 1 January 2017,