Kingdom of Venecia

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Kingdom of Venecia

Catskill, New York, United States
Capital cityVenecia, Pacem Providence
Largest cityVenecia, Pacem Providence
Official language(s)British English
Official religion(s)Freedom of Religion, Queen is Agnostic Atheist
Short nameVenecia
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- QueenQueen Alexis I
EstablishedOctober 16, 2015
Area claimed~1/3 acre
Population1 (as of 1/12/15 (DD/MM/YY))
CurrencyAmerican Dollar (USD), Temporary currency
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
National animalEastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)


The Kingdom of Venecia is a non-recognized country, or micronation founded on October 16, 2015. It is a monarchy in upstate New York, USA, that is in the process of being developed into a cultural powerhouse.


The Kingdom of Venecia's name comes from, but is not related to, the city of Venice, Italy. The name was chosen because of Queen Alexis I's Italian heritage, and because the city is a beautiful location. Venecians have a 'c' in that term because the proper term of citizens of Venice has a 't' (Venetian).


While Venecia has been an off-and-on nation-state for several years, the latest incarnation was founded on October 16, 2015. Venecia's flag dates back to 2013, and the name comes from the same year. The longest-lasting rendition existed in the autumn and winter of 2014/2015.

Government and politics

Venecia is an absolute monarchy. The Queen, Queen Alexis I, has all of the power in the government. However, she plans to create a constitution and Parliament when more people enter the new nation.

Foreign relations

Currently, the only nation to recognize The Kingdom of Venecia is the Abelden Empire in the United Arab Emirates. This mutual recognition was established on November 29, 2015. Venecia is currently looking for more diplomatic opportunities with the outside world, as she has been isolationist since her foundation.


Venecia has a National Guard established in October 2015. It is to be used only for humanitarian purposes. It's only mission so far was to provide safe sanctuary to a homeless friend of the Queen. This mission failed when the friend moved to Virginia, USA, out of Venecia's reach.

Geography and climate

Venecia exists near the Catskill Mountains.

Venecia exists in a temperate forest region in upstate New York, USA. The weather is warm in the summer and cold in winters, with decent rainfall and snowfall in all months. More specifically, the Tierra Providence, the only outside region of Venecia, is the side of a gentle slope.


Venecia speaks British English, unlike it's neighbour, the United States. Venecia's sole citizen, Queen Alexis I, has created a small art form of procedural terrains in the computer program Microsoft Excel. She also plans to create text-based simulations and video games in the country's name. Venecians enjoy the outdoors and often go on walks and hikes in the nearby Catskills. They enjoy learning as well.