Vehicle Registration Plates of Falvia

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An illustration of a Kingdom of Falvia (FAL) plate released since 2018

Vehicle registration plates of The Kingdom of Falvia are issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Falvia. As of December 2, 2018, all citizens of Falvia are obliged to fit their cars with FAL plates.

Numbering and lettering

On 2 December 2018, a new design was introduced containing the letters FAL (Kingdom of Flavia's initials) on a blue field, a two digit number corresponding to the districts of Falvia, a three-digit number and finally two serial letters. The three-digit number starts at 001 and the serial letters start at AA.

Portland metro area1.png
Code Districts
01 Teslå
02 Havnland
03 Skamania
04 Vancouver
05 Kolumbia
06 Vashington
07 Sør Bakke
08 Havnland