Vedic Missile Program

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Vedic Missile Program, also called Aryan missile program is a military and space program launched by Garud Sena and Vedic Space Research Organisation aimed towards created Hydrogen powered guided rockets with Chemical Hydrogen Bomb. Separate teams work at different tasks. There are three teams Bomb Team, Fuel Test Team and Remote Sensing Team. All are headed by Harshvardhan.


Harshvardhan created a committee for development of scientific projects in the empire soon after the declaration of independence. As Aryavart follows the ideology of cultural nationalism, Harshvardhan stressed on scientific advancement like Ancient Vedic civilization. Various Research and Development project are going on including the military, education, IT and media.

Birth of Missile Program

Missile program born on 29 December 2011 after 7 unsuccessful launches on that day using the HCl + Na2CO3 fuel. Next 2 days also followed with unsuccessful launches with different kinds of fuel including Sodium bi Carbonate HCl fuel. Even after the initial failures Empire's hope didn't fall as it still have to try new fuel combinations.


There are in total 14 Launches. All failed to launch a successful rocket. The table below give complete information about the launches:

Date of the Launch Formula No of launches Result
29 December 2011 HCl + Na2CO3 7 Failure
30 December 2011 HCl + Na2CO3
Notice:This time new kinds of bottles were used.
4 Failure
31 December 2011 HCl + NaHCO3 2 Failure

Reason for failed launches

First Day

The bottle which was used as a rocket leaked after the reaction and the carbon di-oxide and reactants easily escaped out.

A failed attempt on 29th December, 2011
Another failed attempt on 29th December, 2011
The Launchpad used.

Current status

It's an on-going event. Empire is currently doing its best to get success in this project.