Vancover Congress

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Vancover Congress

Vancover Congress
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HousesHouse of Representatives and Senate
Chair Of Congress
Hdej sdds, Labor party
since Jan 1 2021
Seats30 Representatives and 16 Senators
House Representatives political groups
Labor Party, Vancover Democrats, Libertarians
Senate political groups
Vancover Democrats Labor Party Libertarians

The Vancover Congress (Esperanto: Kongreso de Vancovero) is part of the legislative branch of the Government of the Vancover. The Congress consists of 30 elected representatives and 16 senators. The VC is currently led by the Labor party, and its current Chairman is Hdej sdds.


Vancover Congressional Elections are held every Six months.

July 2020

Party Leader Seats %
Labor party Bennett Copp 25 53.34%
Vancover Democrats Heks dje 7 15.55%
Libertarian Party Dehs Pefs 14 31.11%
Independent Xje Kdkw 0 0.00%


The VC is led by the Chair of Congress. The Chair's duties include moderating debates and calling votes. The Chair of Congress is also second in the presidential line of succession, after the Vice President.