Valdivitan Republic

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Valdivitan Republic
Flag Coat of Arms
National Anthem:

Fortune favours the bold
Capital Valdivita

Official languages English

Demonym Valdivitanian

Government Democratic Republic
Consuls Alexander McGregor
Joseph Eriksson

Legislature Senate of the Valdivitan Repubic
Seats 7

– Declaration of the Republic 27 December 2009

Currency British Pound (temporary)

Time zone UTC +0

Country code VR (proposed)

Internet TDL .va (proposed)

Drives on the left

Date formats Gregorian calendar


under construction

The Valdivitan Republic (commonly known as Valdivita) is a micronational state bordering the United Kingdom and originally founded on December 27, 2009 when the Declaration of the Republic was declared to the Government of the United Kingdom. The Valdivitan legislature works unlike many other systems with no political parties but rather as independent candidates to enhance direct democracy within the Senate of the Valdivitan Republic.

Politics and Government

The political system used in Valdivita is mildly based on that used by the Roman Republic from the ancient world. The predominant branch of the government is the Senate of the Valdivitan Republic, a democratically elected body which consists of seven senators, each elected by the populous of their specific district that they stand to represent. The senate consists of wholly independent senators who, after the annual election the senate, vote for two of their own to stand as Consuls of the Valdivitan Republic and act as joint Heads of State and Government for a tenure of one year, with the ability to be reelected for an indefinite amount of times. The present Consuls are Alexander McGregor and Joseph Eriksson.

Senatorial Elections take place from 1 to the 3 of January each year in all seven districts of the republic. After the event of the election the new senators will meet on 5 January to elect two of the senators to the consulship of the republic.