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VMSB World Cup qualification is the name given to the rounds of qualifying matches in order for member nations to earn a place at that year's Virtual Micronational World Cup Championships.


The qualification rounds will be introduced for the 2013 Championships. The 2012 World Cup was application-only, with no competitive qualifying matches being played.


Each of the six confederations is permitted a certain number of qualifying berths at each World Cup, which must be filled by affiliated members of that confederation by narrowing-down the amount of eligible nations via group stages, automatic knock-out or a combination of both. The amount of berths each confederation receives each year is decided by the number of affiliated members in each, and the respective strengths of those members' national teams


November 1:Qualifying Draw

January 2:Qualification Begins

February 28:Qualification Ends

Number of qualifying berths


N. America-4.5

S. America-2


Triple AAA-2


Previous years


Pts Ranking for World Rankings

Qualification-120 pts

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