VMC Season 2

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Virtual Micronational Championship
FoundedSep 2011
Number of teams6
Levels on pyramid2
Promotion toVirtual Micronational Premier League
Relegation toVirtual Micronational League 1
Current championsBarony of Beronu
(2011 VMC Season 2)

The 2011 Season 2 started on October 14 and ended on October 22. The eventual champions were the Barony of Beronu, who were relegated from the VMPL a season earlier. The relegated team this season was Jordanium, who didn't even manage to secure a point. All told, it was a great inaugural season.

How it works

The games are simulated so all games use a dice. The Home team gets the even numbers(except six) and the Away team gets the odd numbers(except 5). The dice is rolled 2 times for each team. If it lands on an even number, a goal is scored for the home team. However, If the dice lands on an odd number, a goal is scored for the away team. If the dice lands on 5 or 6, no goal is scored. After 4 rolls, the game is over. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.

Member nations

- Barony of Beronu 1st

- We'enreloux 2nd

- Jordanium 6th

- DR Livingston 3rd

- New Britanica 4th

- Thaegia 5th



New Britanica 4-2 Thaegia

We'enreloux 6-1 Jordanium

DR Livingston 2-3 Barony of Beronu


DR Livingston 4-0 Thaegia

New Britanica 4-1 Jordanium

We'enreloux 2-0 Barony of Beronu


Jordanium 2-7 Barony of Beronu

We'enreloux 3-5 Thaegia

DR Livingston 4-4 New Britanica


Thaegia 3-0 Jordanium

New Britanica 2-4 Barony of Beronu

We'enreloux 4-4 DR Livingston


New Britanica 3-5 We'enreloux

DR Livingston 4-0 Jordanium

Barony of Beronu 3-0 Thaegia

Name of Nation GP GD PTS
Barony of Beronu 5 9 12
We'enreloux 5 7 10
DR Livingston 5 7 8
New Britanica 5 1 7
Thaegia 5 N4 6
Jordanium 5 N20 0


GD means Goal Difference

N1 means negative one

1 means positive one

GP means Games Played

PTS means points