VHF Department of Lingvistics

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VHF Department of Linguistics
VHF Katedra Lingvistiky
Latin: UHF Department Grammatica
MottoVaše cesta k učení jazyků mikronárodů
Motto in English
Your way to learning the languages ​​of micronations
TypeDepartment of Lingvistics on Meknian National University of Nakal Hanunkch
Established29.2.2020 (29.2.2020)
Location, ,
ColoursWhite and Blue   

VHF The Department of Lingvistics is a micronational department of the University of VHF, founded in 2020.

At the Department of Lingvistics, it is possible to study the buoyoheum languages ​​and other micronational languages. Graduates of the faculty earn the title of language spokesperson (.Mom) comes from the Nissi mālgalEul ovvae malhwaLul (Czech - mluvčí jazyků).