VEB Druckwerke "Mirsaid Sultangalijew"

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VEB Druckwerke "Mirsaid Sultangalijew" (ger)
COE Printing house "Mirsaid Sultangaliev" (eng)
НП типография им. М. Султангалиевa (rus)
人民企业印花 "米爾賽德·蘇丹-加里耶夫" (cmn)


Type Collectively owned enterprise

Headquarters Bischofshofen, Pangavian People's Democratic Republic

Founded 12 August 2017

Employees 78

Products Books

Volkseigener Betrieb Druckwerke "Mirsaid Sultangalijew", shortened to VEB Druckwerke "Mirsaid Sultangalijew", is a state-owned printing and publishing enterprise in the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic, located in Bischofshofen. It is mostly known for publishing classics of Marxist literature.