Uthana Republic

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National Flag
'Motto: '"For The Republic We Work!"
"For The Republic We Work!"
Made with Nvidia Gaugan
Largest cityQutheucia
Official languagesUS English
Ethnic groups
86% Americans, 6% Native, 4% British, 4% Other
Christianity, Atheism
GovernmentFederativeSemi-Presidential Republic
• President
Hashmaren Waking
Piet de Nus
Among Shengi Us
• Minister
• First Established
13 October 2021
• Total
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• 2021 census
1,483 habitants
CurrencyAmerican Dollar (USD)
Time zoneUTC (GMT) -4.5
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy
Driving sideLeft

The Uthana Republic also called Uthanian Republic is a fictional sovereign state, where the territory is just a island located in the East Caribe.
Uthana Republic was first estabilished in 13th August of 2021. The leader of the nation is the president named Hashmaren Waking; The vice-president is Piet de Nus; The prime-minister is Among Shengi Us and the minister Jeff.
The nation is also the head of a organisation for east caribbean isles help each other called Big Rat Union Helping(BRUH).


Colonial Era

In the year of 1838, the British Empire found this caribbean island, they named it as French Banana-Potatan Island, because of the farms filled with bananas and potatoes, some french people already have find this island, however they didn't colonized it. When the British Empire decided to dominate the whole island, the native people from the region said "NANANANANANANA!" (No in French Banana-Potatan Islandese, a war happened during 1910 - 1911, British Empire won, making various british to stay on the island until the year of 1913, when a rebellion happened.

First Rebellion

The First Rebellion was a rebellion from the native people from the island of French Banana-Potatan Island. Their weapons were too weak compared to the british soldier firearms. The rebellion was a failure, making various of the native die (1.382 dead, 37.482 injured). The restand of native people decided to find materials from the lands the british people didn't took already and then, making the most powerful weapons made by French Banana-Potatans. Making then, the second rebellion decades later

Second Rebellion and Current Days

The Second Rebellion was a rebellion that happened for only 3 hours, in 13th October 2021. The natives declared war to the british people, occuping mostly of the island. The natives finally won from the british troops and making the Uthana Repbulic independent, with the help of USA and giving powerful firearms to them.


In 14th October 2021, a stranger from a misterious country named Ozonko Hantaya told to the prime minister Among Shengi Us a idea to make a union from various nations from the location help each other geographically, millitary and giving them supplements, the prime minister accepted the idea even they though him suspicious at the start. After the moment the leaders decided doing that, then the current named Big Rat Union Helping was created.
There was many ideas of names to them, specially one, accepten by many americans, S.U.S (Several Union Station).

Anzotorkzian-Uthanian War

The Anzotorkzian-Uthanian War was a short-duration war between the Uthana Republic and Republic of Anzotorkza. In 16th October 2021, the president of Anzotorkza, Otto Anzia declaredwar at Uthania, not for diplomatic reasons, but for expansionist reasons, they decided to dominate the whole island of Uthania, the president of the republic, Hashmaren Waking said "NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WE ARE DOMINATING YOU INSTEAD OF YOU DOMINATE US! HAHAHAHA! ...we seriously should make this a Kakistocracy.", Anzotorkza citizens got really scared with their threat so much that they did a short-duration rebellion inside of Anzotorkza. They got forced to having peace with Uthania in the Anzotorkzian capital, Aknoolvill.

Current Days

In the current days the island has a population of 1,483 habitants. It has now a hospital, two schools, a millitary base and a constituition. The president is a actual native with their native name as Uguahahaha Bugugu Lol, but the americans call them Hashmaren Waking.