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These are the discussion archives from my talk page. I make an archive every 15 messages. It is in order to save space.

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Guess what

Just hit 10,000 edits, now im a real editor just like you senpai--Guess I never Miss (talk) 20:24, 18 September 2020 (UTC)

Y e s that is amazing! - Thank you for your dedication to the best website on the internet :3 Flag of New Eiffel.svg/Royal coat of arms of New Eiffel.svg Zed Zarel  My Talk Page  Contribs  7:39 p.m. (1739), 18 September 2020 (UTC+1)

User abusing on Ebenthal's main article

Hello, Zarel. Here I am again. As you are the only administrator I have had contact here so far, I'd like to ask you to oversee over a situation. User:Cookieman1.1.1. has three times so far deliberately added the "dubious tag" to Ebenthal's main article with no further talk or discussion in the matter, simply by stating that one photo in use in the past wasn't truthful to the micronation, and indeed, it wasn't, I added it in order to test the article's color layout as I wanted a dark-colored photo. I took down the tag because tags are meant to be added in virtue of a discussion, and there's none. He did it again saying I can't prove the photos. Well, many of the article's photos deliberately states that they are illustrations.

  • The photo of the Castle of Ebenthal in Austria saying that the country was named after it.
  • The photo of a room at the Quintadinha Palace in Petrópolis, saying the place was chosen to held the presential summit of the Conference of Santiago (it is a free place open to public)
  • The photo on the military section of the CAMPSEG company, which the Ebenthali State unilaterally consider as providers of soldiers (as the company is presently hired to protect two farms which compose Ebenthali's territory.
  • The photo of the Court Room of the Tribune of Truth, saying it is located at the UNESA, the college I attend (the room has free acess and we use it when we can).
  • The photos of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Copastar Hospital, saying they are the college and hospital most attended by Ebenthalis.

Etc, etc, etc. Again, he says I can't prove it. Well, how would I? What does he wants, a copy of the contract between my great-aunt and the CAMPSEG security company proving they work for my family, a certificate by the UNESA proving I can use their rooms, physicians receipts proving my family and some friends frequent the Copastar Hospital, my bachelor certificate at the Federal University, my signature in a solar panel proving they're in my family's property? This is utterly absurd. And I'd like to add, he requires proof, but could he prove Free Socialist State of Paloma's photos, for example I shall I tag him with no talks on my own? Anyway, I'm really sorry to bother your with this, but I hope something can be done for him to stop simply messing with my article for no reason. Thank you in advance. Arthur Brum (talk) 04:50, 5 October 2020 (UTC)

I thank you for giving it attention on talking to cookieman. He has added the tag again and started a discussion on talk page. I may be new here but I have been editing on Wikipedia since 2011, one single person can't simply doubt a thing and add tag to an article, much less when the doubt is based on "you can't prove". He said he has taken this to adminship, well, so far no admin has contacted me, and it has been days since he has adding this damn tag on my article. Anyway, the Talk:Ebenthal is going on now, can I ask you to give this some attention and end this annoying non-sense of his part? Both of us, he and me, have already spoken for our sides, and I'm afraid things will be just this way if I didn't warn some admin. Again, I'm sorry to bother you with this, but you are so far the only admin I have had contact here. Arthur Brum (talk) 22:19, 5 October 2020 (UTC)

A message of thanks

Dear Zarel,

On behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Matthew I of The Kingdom of Liahonia, I would like to thank you for expressing your condolences regarding the death of Her Majesty, Queen DeEtta.

With gratitude,

Alexa E.D.

Secretary to The King


You're locking a page down allowing a link that violates the privacy of a community member to stay. I'm filing a complaint to Jonathan regarding your behavior. Yaroslav (talk) 03:08, 8 December 2020 (UTC)

Just out of curiosity are you going to call the cops and file lawsuits because you're upset about it? Regardless, you seem to lack a good amount of knowledge about privacy laws and what they do and don't say. Please stop get some actual real life legal counsel. --Artemissandus (talk) 03:12, 8 December 2020 (UTC)
I have seen absolutely no evidence from you. Furthermore, if provided, I will remove the link, but not the entire section. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 03:13, 8 December 2020 (UTC)

Feedback appreciated

I recently wrote an article that I hope to raise to GA status one day. Judging by some other city articles that have received GA status, I am unsure whether this one will qualify. My questions to you are, as an experienced wiki editor and administrator, is this article worthy of GA status, and if not, what can be improved upon? addison (talk) 02:42, 10 December 2020 (UTC)

@AgentBro: The article is pretty short, especially the history section, though the geography section is pretty good but it can be expanded slightly, such as more detail on the flora and fauna if possible. The part on the Columbia River Gorge area and its fishing industry exports and windsurfing is really fascinating and I feel like it can be expanded a bit as well, like what fish live at the river and more detail on the industry. The lead section contains miscellaneous statements (such as the elevation), and could summarise the article a bit more perhaps if possible. Government and politics is proficient and an ideal example for what the rest of the article should look like. Furthermore, the article certainly has enough images. Also, ideally, an article should not cite other MicroWiki articles. Hope this helps :3 I can probably help with editing the article tomorrow. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 05:19, 10 December 2020 (UTC)


Hey, I wanted to say thanks for adding the source, after I added the "by whom" template. I realize that it probably would have happened without me, but I'm glad that the wiki process occured, and that the link was added. Thanks!


Thank you for adding it!! Not enough users utilise the templates, like "unreliable source?" or "disputed", and they instead just remove the whole sentence, which is counter-productive. ★ ♥︎ Zed 。 (talk | edits | full) 14:43, 22 December 2020 (UTC)