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Iron Bank

The government of Archland would like to discuss the terms of a deposit of 100 million Archland dollars

Iron Bank

sorry my e mail is broken but I regret to inform you that after having a chat with my minister of economics we have relized that the Iron bank has ties with your countries why would you use the government profile to respond to me and also if I despot 100 million A$ how are you going to pay me interest you can't just say heres 50 million which I just made up because are you going to make investments if you make it up that will inflate my currency so if you are going to even pay me i would like to be paid in a currency of my allies so if you inflate the currency it become a problem of two nations. And please tell me the interest rate of your bank. I would like to have a generous offer as i'm depositing a lot of money.

Re: Diplomacy

Kingdom of Ruthenia
17 April, 2O15.
Winter Residence, Persenburg

Through this message, I inform your government that I am very happy to accept your diplomatic recognition request. Would like to know how to go about formalize recognition or my acceptance is enough for us to publicize our recognition.

Already grateful,

Our MicroWiki page is:
Our official website is:
Our official page on Facebook

Re:Re: Diplomacy

Kingdom of Ruthenia
19 April, 2O15.
Winter Residence, Persenburg

If you wish, I can ask to send you our pattern treaty of mutual recognition. If you wish to send, our email is

Already grateful,


Greetings, Your excellency,

The Khanate of Nedland wishes to request a treaty of mutual recognition with your great nation, for mutual cooperation and benefit. Nedland is established, having previously served in many projects including the GUM. Please ask anything else you wish to hear.

Diplomacy with the Most Serene Empire of Azzurria

Gentle Decracy of Vilthia, The Most Serene Empire of Azzurria, a Micronation located in Italy, it's contacting You for express its wish to establish mutual recognition and diplomatic relations between Our two States.
You can find more about Us through Our official website, Our MicroWiki article and Our official Twitter account.
We hope to hear from You soon.
Please feel free to contact Us answering here or, better, through the Contact section of Our official website.
With respect,
Vittorio Fiore
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Most Serene Empire of Azzurria
SIABandiera.png Serenissimo Impero di Azzurria - Talk - Contributions 11:52, 29 October 2016 (UTC)

-Nedland (talk) 23:18, 28 October 2016 (UTC)


Kingdom of Imvrassia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Your excellency,

Can you tell me about this commission of inquiry that you have report on your page?


Prince Aggelos Minister of Foreign Affairs