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Hello! Nick Randouler from My Micro Election Project, was wondering if there is a spot where all citizens of the nation convene and such. This will help us with the background, candidates, and opinion polls for the elections

~Nicholas Randouler (talk page) | 1:05 EDT (-4) | HL of Posaf

@NickRandouler: Hi my friend. For now, citizens meet online.

~Juan Cisneros | President of Aswington

Where online exactly? Also is there a way I could contact you better (Discord, Redditt, Twitter, Email)

~Nicholas Randouler (talk page) | 11:56 EDT (-4) | HL of Posaf

@NickRandouler: I explain. There are foreign citizens and we meet through email. You can contact me through the following email:, or the twitter account: @gov_aswington.

~Juan Cisneros | President of Aswington