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Tsardom of Romanovgrad - Discussion with Yaroslav user

Dear Sebastian Linden,i need your help,because you're an admin. My page,Tsardom of Romanovgrad,was deleted 2 days ago by User:SiroccanGov because an user,called User:Yaroslav said in the discussion page of my page: "Guys, why are we even discussing it? I know who wrote this "article", it's a Thai scammer claiming to be the descendant of Romanovs. He already tried to bring his shit to the wiki several months ago, Ciprian deleted it quickly. He's not even able to spell the motto without mistakes, lol. --Yaroslav (talk) 21:29, 17 November 2014 (UTC) " and after this message,User:SiroccanGov deleted my page with the following reason: "Haven't we seen you round these parts before?". So as you can see,the reason isn't true,because i'm not a thai scammer and i never claimed to be the descendant of Romanovs,i'm an italian boy,my ip address and my identity card can prove it. I tried to contact User:Yaroslav and User:SiroccanGov for can solve the situation,but they don't want to reply to my messages (Yaroslav also deleted 2 times my messages in his talk page),so now i would like that you take action on this two users that had a very bad conduct with me and with my page. You can read the discussion of my page here Talk:Tsardom_of_Romanovgrad. Greetings, Fabriziodg91

Need Help

Hello, I'm thinking about making a government in exile (rather, Soviet Union) instead of a micronation but you could call it a micronation I suppose. I need some help with the right direction and such. Luke27262 (talk) 17:12, 23 February 2017 (UTC)