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Treaty of Mutual Recognition

Prince Aggelos,

I wish to open relations between DSFR Nedland and the Principality of Imvrassia, so that trade and alliances may benefit us in the future. I am not suggesting that these things happen now, but I do suggest this treaty on the terms of future benefits that may be gained from each other.


I am full-on secessionist, but I believe that opening relations between nations is always a good thing. After all, the treaty should also be for good conduct between our two nations, as it is easier to coordinate all number of things when two nations are friendly.

I hope you consider my request for a treaty of mutual recognition.

Sincerely, Ned Greiner, President of DSFR Nedland

Empire of Paravia Imperial Foreign office

To the esteemed Prince Aggelos A. It would be an honor to open diplomatic relations with the Principality of Imvrassia. Paravia is alwyas happy to open diplomatic relations. Now, what type of diplomatic relations would you like? Just plain Mutual recognition? Or an alliance or decleration of intermicronational friendship aswell?

Sincerely H.I.M Emperor Patrick I of Paranoia

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for contacting the Kingdom of Archmidian. As per official policy, we conduct diplomatic relations through Skype or forum messaging only. Should you wish you to pursue diplomatic relations further, please contact Archmidias on the forum or archmidias on Skype. We appreciate your interest. Archmidias I

Abeldane Empire

To Aggelos I,

Abelden is willing to open mutual recognition with Imvrassia and we would be willing to as soon as you reply us to our email if you accepted this. Our email:

Stephanus Imperator Rex


Hey. I am interested in collaborating with your country. Your fellow Greek, Paraskevas Leventis


Καλησπέρα, θα μπορούσες μήπως να κοιτάξεις τον σύνδεσμο αυτό; Συζήτηση: Σύνδεσμος Ελληνιστικών Μικροεθνών

Manu The Second sign1.gifManu The Second sign2.gif 16:58, 26 June 2017 (UTC)

Relations with Vilthia

The Department of Foreign Affairs of the Governatorate has suggested to suspend the treaty following emails deemed inappropriate.
As a communication manager I am not aware of anything else but we believe the issue is delicate and it is not appropriate to discuss it here, so we invite you to contact the diplomatic offices directly.
Yours sincerly,
Andrea Palan
Communications Officer
Sala Stampa
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Arkonia-Imvrassian Mutual Recognition Treaty

I am interested in opening relations with your nation. Would you like me to draw up a treaty of Mutual Recognition?


So, I’m doing a survey, I’m trying to find out what the most popular micronation is; so can you name 5 micronations which you think are the most popular?

The information will be for the Micronational Popularity Index. If you have any questions please ask me.

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