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Diplomatic Relations

Would you like to engage in diplomatic relations.


Why not? Accepted! Please tell me what's your nation. Thanks, Shahanshah of Schalamzaar.

Archland Empire

Archland empire And I would like mutual recognition and a military alliance


Ok, Accepted. I'll add your nation to page :).

This is a start to a friendly relationship between our two nations. My country is giving you our highest honor the Invictus Cross. We also would like to give you $5m Archland dollars (25million USD equivalent) as a token of friendship.

Thanks, we accept your gift :). -- could you give me an award :)

Of course, you'll get $5m Schalamzaarian Sizaab (50 million USD) from throne of Schalmzaar ;).

cureency and award

mabye we could accept each others curencys to help trade and boost are economies and could you give me a military award

City pages

Hi there. Please don't create articles on purely "macronational" topics such as world cities. You can link to their Wikipedia articles by using [[w:Hyperlink|a link like this]]. Austenasia (talk) 18:57, 18 February 2014 (UTC) and a military hound as i have given you the invictus cross sorry i need tho stuff you know

puting the past behind

Enough time has passed by, to now put the pass behind us. We will lift our ban on you, because in the passed you made yourself guilty of ciber attacks, but that is over now. Let's start with a clean slate.

We have added your nation to our list of recognized micronations. I hope you check it out and we wish you a nice day! HRH Prince Eugenio II User:ginoscorpio