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Hi there, my name is Casper von Naveria and I am the Duke of the Commonwealth of Naveria. I somewhat recently had an idea for an implementation of cantons in Naveria that now seems very similar to your implementation in New Virginia. (Then again, both of our governments are descended from Austenasian law to some extent so I can't say I'm entirely surprised?) I've had this idea in the works since July according to my records, but again the similarities are uncanny. According to my plan, cantons would be groups of administrative divisions, formed based on their relative physical locations and relationships to each other. Our cantons would not have governmental organs of their own, instead being used to direct local advisories for things like the coronavirus or bad weather, departmentalize a future constabulary force and maybe organize a judicial system. If they would have an official leader is still up for debate, but besides that it appears to me that Naverian cantons would work exactly like the ones implemented in New Virginia. Would you like me to abandon the idea in favor of something more original? --GDC Navārdia (talk) 02:35, 22 August 2020 (UTC)