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  • Hello there

I'm good thanks, how are you?


May I ask why you've removed my edits? James has been ostracised from the community, and those I have spoken with, including Zirconic, Chico and Sorrenia, all support the annexation of Catan. Since James has abdicated the throne, it is legitimate, and recognised internationally. I kindly ask you refrain from removing edits. Thank you.

If you do wish to speak of this further, do not hesistate to e-mail myself at

It is not true as he did not abdicate in favour of you. He dislikes all of them. He abdicated in favour of the Princess of Alexis.

My suspicions were confirmed then, you are in fact, Jack Jones, who is highly regarded as a fake personality of James'. I shall inform the admins.

I am not Jack Jones. I to be honest like most of the community on here dislike Jack. Furthermore I have sent you an email!