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Hey, thank you for contacting me. We're always open to new citizens in S&V. However, there are some things you'll have to know first:

  • There are two types of citizenship in Sabia and Verona, and by extension, the whole Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, of which Sabia and Verona is part of. Federal citizenship is the name of the citizenship commonly granted to humans. Human citizens fall under the responsibility of the federal branch of the Sabioveronese government, currently led by the Queen of Sabia and Verona. This kind of citizenship can only be granted by the Federal Government, so I (nor any other Sabioveronese citizen at the moment) can't give you federal citizenship. For this kind of citizenship, you can talk to Ciprian, current leader of the Federal Government, here. You'll be asked to give personal data, including your birth name (or your current legal name), your macronational citizenship and your date of birth. The other type of citizenship, provincial citizenship, which is commonly given to plush toys, can be given to humans under certain circumstances (like yours!). In Sabia and Verona we're not as picky when it comes to applying for citizenships, so you'll only be asked to give a preferred name, where you currently reside and your contact info. If you'd like, you can be given provincial Sabioveronese citizenship, which means you won't be able to participate in political procedures at a federal level. If you do choose to apply for this kind of citizenship, please consider the following point.
  • Sabia and Verona is soon to be evacuated by over 20% of its population, including myself. While it will remain a territory of the Federal Union, and it will be overseen on my behalf by the current Queen, Isadora, you won't be as lucky getting in touch with her and for the most part Sabia and Verona will be inactive. Now, you may still apply for either provincial or federal citizenships in S&V, but you won't find much to do there. If you're still interested in joining our bandwagon, you can become a citizen of the unborn Republic of Alios, which will adopt the Sabioveronese culture, language, and even many of its politicians, and whose territory will be a bit further south on Argentinian soil. If the idea sounds appealing, you can keep in touch with me and we can settle something once Alios is officially declared (it will also be a territory of the FUJL so the same laws as Sabia and Verona will apply) on 25 August of this year.

Now, sorry for filling your talk page with so much text, but please do answer once you've made a choice. Thank you for your interest. Yours truly, Tarek Kârjasary. --ricky háblame 05:00, 10 August 2015 (BST)

I'm glad to know you're interested in our new nation project. When you have time, please refer to me at or if you've got Skype, add me at h2819ko so we may discuss the details of your citizenship. --ricky háblame 17:52, 10 August 2015 (BST)

Commonwealth of Saint Peter

After perusing the Wikia, I have discovered that you have stolen the flag and coat of arms of the Saxon Empire for your "Commonwealth of Saint Peter". You have also, with no authority to do so, entered those creations of mine into the public domain. Why did you not ask permission before using them? ☩ Markus II of New Israel ☩ (talk) 03:38, 25 July 2016 (BST)