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Hi there,

Please desist from editing Westarctica's article. They haven't "stolen" any land; Westarctica were the first known micronation to claim West Antarctica, and are generally recognized throughout the micronational community as having the best claim to it. Regardless of all that, it is perfectly fine for you to claim the same land as another micronation without trying to cause or claim a conflict. Your edits make it sound as if the 2001 claim of Westarctica was an intentionally hostile act against yourself; something I doubt very much. Austenasia (talk) 21:28, 20 February 2018 (UTC)

Ok thans alot. My father had a micronation as a child in the 80s and he claimed this land. When I creted Duke he handed it over to me. apologizes for the hostilities PS: wanna be allies From Tom Kap Dukian President

United MicroPact

You are not a member of the United Micropact, and we do not have diplomatic relations with you. Sez (talk) 23:38, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

why cant i be a member

we are allies now.

  • We aren't Sez (talk) 23:41, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

yea we are

look i apologized. Please recpgnize me and be allies. i recognize u

  • Well I refuse Sez (talk) 23:42, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

also check ur email. A micronation in my garde has declared war.


  • Because you kept vandalising me and that's why. Period.

Can u forget that

Look have u recieved there email. Also who sent it. Was it alessandro or John. They are very angry.

  • First, no I won't forgive you, and second, I don't care about freaking pointless cyber war Sez (talk) 23:44, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

You said u forgave me

are we enemies then?

  • You did it again. That's why

When did i vandalise

tell me when!

  • Yesterday.

yesterday we had a treaty.

im not on ur timezone

  • I'm just waiting till Austenasia bans you. No time for nonsense,

Im done i dont recpgnize u. We are now at war. Guess since ur at war ull have to leve the union thhat ur in

  • Well I didn't declare war on you. Also, if you want to speak English, speak it well. I'm a Korean and I speak it better than you.

Excuse me English is my second language. Chinese was my first!

  • You're not that bad at english itself, you're kinda bad at spelling no offense Sez (talk) 23:50, 22 February 2018 (UTC)


Last time: Are we enmies or allies

Enemies. I don't have time for this

Are u sure

Check Bernadas page. Alessandro deleted it. Sorry man.

Sorry he can't
Now if you'll excuse me I don't have time to mess around with a little crappy micronation

Im done Bernada is over.

Yup sure waaa I'm so scared

Daniel Lee Im Done. Enjoy Bernada. Ur in Duke now. Its occupiued. Sry...

Sorry, I still have control, so it's not. I'm crying because of laughter

Check ur page. Puppet emperor.

Stop vandalizing me.

Its not vandalizing. Its true. Ur a puppet emperor of Duke. Sry but we invaded

  • Sorry but you don't have control. Just like all your other territories

Check it out bro