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Dear The Right Honourable Miles of Sorrenia, as the Ijiv of Rikuchar, it is my duty to ensure that my nation gains a strong foothold on the international stage, and that the people of Rikuchar are safe and secure as a result. As such, I would like to propose a Treaty of Mutual Recognition between Rikuchar and your nation, the Sorrenian Federation. Be aware that if you accept this offer, the proposal must pass through the 4 levels of the Rikuchreb government before any treaty can be signed. If Rikuchar is not qualified to enter relations with your nation for any reason, or if I have personally offended you in any way within this message, please inform me. In addition, if this is an inappropriate venue by which to transmit this message, please let me know, and I will move this message to the proper medium accordingly. Regardless of the outcome, I sincerely hope your nation continues to prosper and succeed in the future.
Huro-AtlanticaCoat.gif Sincerely, Ijiv Netwafekzră I of Rikuchar 11:13, 27 May 2015 (BST)

- Presidential Reply: Dear Ijiv Netwafekzră I of Rikuchar, the Sorrenian Federation would most certainly consider relations with your nation. I shall contact the Foreign Affairs Ministry, who will look into the matter, and propose recognition to the National Assembly; we ask that you do the same, and submit a proposal to your relevant legislature or ruling body.

If possible, it would help to contact me via Facebook, so I am able to receive notifications as to our discussions, you can find me and other government officials by messaging the following group:

I look forward to your response. Yours faithfully,

New Emblem.png The Right Honourable, President of the Sorrenian Federation.

Blanking articles

I've deleted your article about the First Cabinet. In future, though, please do *not* blank articles. Just add the deletion template, with a reason as to why you want it deleted.