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Vital articles are articles which I believe to be the most important, informative, well-known (popular), historically important or otherwise generally significant articles on the site on the topic of the MicroWiki community (though particularly the MicroWiki sector) and micronationalism.

These articles are intended as necessary outlines of micronationalism and the MicroWiki community as a whole, and as such serve as highly informative articles for readers, non-micronationalists and micronationalists alike. Prioritising and expanding them, possibly to to good article (GA) status, would be highly beneficial for MicroWiki, especially to have the most popular and read articles on MicroWiki give a good impression on its readers.

Currently, there are two levels of vital articles, the most valued at level 1 (10 articles) and level 2 (50 articles). Vital articles are subjective in nature and always changing, thus editors may change vital articles (both levels 1 and 2) anytime by finding consensus on the talk page.


  • Good article icon.svg good article (GA)
  • YesYes sufficient quality (SA)
  • NoNo insufficient quality (IS)
  • TBD stub

Level 1 vital articles (10 articles)

Level 2 vital articles (50 articles)

Level 3 vital articles (100 articles)

Micronations (25)

Micronationalists (25)

Other articles (50)

Level 4 vital articles (500 articles)

Level 5 vital articles (1,000 articles)