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Film Time Notes
Agent 1 year, 1 month, 7 days Filmed on 16 January 2020; footage was not edited and released until 23 February 2021.
Star Warz: The Stranded Sith 1 year, 27 days The plot was developed on 25 March 2019 after the release of Star Warz: The Stone Age. Filming for the scenes set three years earlier than the rest of the film took place between 8–9 July. Principal photography began on 14 April 2020, and wrapped on 17 April. Editing finished on 21 April.
Epic Action Movie 1 year, 2 days Filming first began on 15 February 2018, however the project was abandoned on 23 February.
Best Bollywood Movie Ever 2 10 months, 10 days Filming took place between 20–23 June 2018; edited and released on 30 April 2019.
Big Fluffy Socks for the Winter Golem 29 days A script was finalised on 23 November 2020, and principal photography began on 26 November and concluded on 1 December. Post-production finished on 22 December. The film was officially released on Christmas Day, after early screenings took place on 23 December.
India Man! 11 days
~3 months
Principal photography began on 2 December 2020, and wrapped on 13 December; pre-production begun in late October however.