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2015 (MMXV) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2015th year of the anno Domini (AD) and Common Era (CE) designations, the 15th year of the 3rd millennium and 21st century, and the 6th year of the 2010s decade.

The year saw the rise of right-wing micronationalists who dominate the community, and an increase in social-political tensions between opposing members of the left- and right-wing ideologies.

After a long period of declining activity, the GUM abolishes its functions as an intergovernmental organisation and transitions into a formal chatroom between individuals on 14 June. The tensions between the left- and right-wings of the community continue to grow (partially exacerbated by socially conservative public statements by members of Pavlov and Lostisland), with most members of the community settling in one of two "camps".

This period saw the conversion of several members of the community to Christianity, as well as the abandoning of socialism by many of its former adherents; a previous stereotype of MicroWiki being populated mainly by communist atheists becomes impossible to apply. MicroWiki celebrates its tenth anniversary in May 2015, whereas activity in the parallel MicroWikia community declines almost to non-existence, with the majority of articles on the Wikia site being deleted by its administration.


MicroWiki grew to encompass 1,104 registered users. Due to the lack of statistical evidence, the article and page count during this year is not known. MicroWiki celebrated its tenth anniversary on 27 May, which was a point of much celebration. In mid-October, a new spam filter was added in order to limit the number of bot account creations. The distinction between administrators (sometimes referred to as user administrators) and technical administrators was laid out, with user admins being mostly responsible for the regulation and improvement of wiki content and tech admins being mostly responsible for the technical maintenance of MicroWiki and the website. Furthermore, for April Fools'–an annual tradition on MicroWiki–MicroWiki became ErusiaWiki, apparently under the jurisdiction of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Administrators were allegedly arrested by the Republican Guard on charges of counter-revolutionary activity, and all flags and media titles on the main page were changed to their Erusian counterparts. All links on the Main Page newsfeeds were redirected to the "Nyan Cat" YouTube video. Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia remained the site owner of MicroWiki for his first year; wiki admins who continued serving were User:SiroccanGov (Daniel Anderson) for his third year, User:JosephKennedy2 (Brooklyn Hewitt) for her first year and tech admin User:Sebastian Linden (Sebastian Linden) for his third year. Two admins were appointed, wiki admin User:Überstadt (Adam I of Überstadt) in February and tech admin User:Luxor (Karl Friedrich) in August.

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