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Government, monarchy, politics and honours

Joost I
Prince since 2020
Leon Montan
Prime Minister since 2020
Clockwise: New Eiffel School, a privately-owned shed, New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border, a tree, a birdhouse in New Eiffel Gardens

Government of New Eiffel
Politics of New Eiffel

Foreign relations

Foreign relations of New Eiffel

Geography and architecture

Sunset over a tree in New Eiffel

Geography of New Eiffel
Architecture in New Eiffel

National symbols

In the middle is the Government Seal of New Eiffel; clockwise - map of roads in New Eiffel, Cinema of New Eiffel, Rugbull tournament opening ceremony, the national sport, New Eiffelic wine, the the magnolia, the national flower, and a flag of New Eiffel

National symbols of New Eiffel Symbol support vote.svg

Culture, media and the arts

A screenshot of the sheet music for Aardvarks on Parade

Script error: No such module "Side box". Culture of New Eiffel
Media of New Eiffel
National symbols of New Eiffel

The Dutch Muffin (North New Eiffelic: ikktopenlønden-mufin), a popular New Eiffelic Corrupted Recipe of the Dutch Baby Pancake, known for its eggy and sweet flavour and aroma.

Transportation and industry

J16 road shield
The J25 road marker

Industry in New Eiffel

!khās Street in August 2018, looking west

Military and defence

People and identity

New Eiffelish people