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Wars, conflicts and coups

Conflict Involvements Began Concluded Notes
2020 Iceni coup d'etat MilitaryFlagIceni.png Iceni Revolutionary Armed Forces
IceniPartyFlag.png Iceni Communist Party
Praetorian Assembly
28 January 28 January Coup d'etat by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Communist Party in the Iceni Republic, which led to the dissolution of Praetorian Assembly and appointment of Field Marshall John Gordon as President after the Revolutionary Armed Forces took control of the government.
Shenistan-Essexian War Essexia
13 March 24 March The "Democratic People's Republic of Shenistan" was established via the Shenfield Autonomy Act 2020, which granted provincehood and a Provincial Council with devolved powers to the Essexian claim of Shenfield. Earl Finn's proposed devolution of powers from the central Parliament of Essexia was highly unprecedented, and received both considerable commendation and criticism. The war is considered an Essexian Victory due to the actions of the rebels in conceding to the Commonwealth. However, as neither belligerents' armed forces were able to counter each other, the conflict is also seen as a military stalemate.
Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 Misberia
National Council members
23 May 23 May On 23 May, Archie Birch and the Misberian Directive Council held a trial in abstentia for James II, Aspen Emperor for his crimes against the government and Misberian nation. After the trial was concluded Jack Reach went to MicroWiki@Discord and noticed people were referring to Archie as Misberia in regards to the trial of James. Jack, outraged by this gathered the council and enacted a coup attempt to remove Archie from the government and nation. During this time the national funds of Misberia were being divided up amongst the council for personal gain and started formulating a plan for how to remove Archie and take power. A group of individuals spammed fhe Misberian National Snapchat with vulgar language and started going at Archie on the Misberian Discord server. Soon after the coup fell apart after Jane went to Archie's house and stood outside with a rock screaming at Archie. The lie that Misberia had dissolved was was notified to every Misberian Town. Following this failed coup, many micronations quickly came to Misberia's support and people started flooding in seeking citizenship. The #HelpMisberia was created on Twitter and Instagram to gain support and help Misberia with rebuilding.[1][2]
TOES-Almendria War Various
Flag of Almendria.png Almendria
 TOES-lead intervention
30 June 15 July On the 30 June, members of TOES joined the Almendrian Discord server, after Tizian stating that TOES was a YAMO. Assuming that TOES was server raiding, the Almendrian government responded to them joining by banning all members. Hours after being banned, TOES issued a declaration, demanding, amongst other things, the unbanning of all members involved.[3] The war saw a huge intermicronational response, as well as other nations join the conflict due to their distaste for Almendria and its government system.[4][5] It was highly disapproved of and criticised in the MicroWiki Sector and Reddit Sector. After the conflicted ended, it led to the start of the Almendrian Civil War without the TOES-led coalition.
Almendrian Civil War Various
AlmendriaSick.png Almendria
19 July Ongoing In the Reddit Sector; it is particularly noted for its Discord raiding and diplomatic tensions.[6][7] It eventually led to a coup which was led by Neil Jolsten, resulting in a new regime taking hold, though the original government and loyalists under Tizian Aruna still continue to exist.[8].


Scandals and controversies

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