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The following is a list of invitation-only micronational social clubs, including those that no longer exist or merged. Most of the current clubs are hosted on the social media Discord via its group-chat feature, which automatically restricts the member count to ten.

Various chatrooms on the instant messaging application Skype were used by leaders and members of MicroWiki nations between 2009 and early 2019, with several chatrooms reaching the status of being regarded as a social club. After the MicroWiki community's move from Skype to Discord, the number of such clubs decreased considerably, with even the Micropolitan Club and Lounge losing its prestige and falling into inactivity. Following the beginning of the decline of MicroWiki@Discord between February–July 2020, users began creating their own private servers and group-chats; although most were short-lived, TOES and Micropolitan@Discord both saw considerable growth and favourable approval from the community. Since December 2020, several group-chats have been formed at a more frequent rate, though with varying levels of success.


Name Abrv. Est. Members Notes
The Cool Chaps TCC 18 January 2021 7 Owned by Casper Naverovic; pioneered by Dhrubajyoti Roy and Gheorghe Stefan Marius.
Fans of The Conway Way 9–10 April 2021 5 Owned by Aidan McGrath.
The Fun Gang TFG 2 October 2020 8 Informal social lounge owned by Daniel Hamilton; affiliated with the Constantia Pact.
The Micropolitan VI MPL 6 December 2019 31 A Discord server based on the Micropolitan Club and Lounge formed by Alexander IV of Pavlov, who serves as Proprietor.
Micropolitan@Discord MPL
25 July 2020 51 A Discord server based on the it was later formed by Jacob Valentine; Jonathan I of Austenasia serves as Proprietor.
Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff TOES 25 December 2019 10 Satirical social club owned by Leon Montan; also functions as an organisation.

Former, inactive or merged

Name Abrv. Lifespan Members Notes
Micronationalists 22 December 2020–February 2021 9 Revival of an older group of the same name. Been in a state of inactivity since February 2021.
Micropolitan Club and Lounge (Skype Era) MPL November 2009–17 September 2018 Dropping activity across Skype chatrooms from mid-2017 affected the Micropolitan as much as everywhere else, and in 2018 when MicroWiki@Discord was created, the Lounge abandoned its home on Skype and became a restricted-membership channel on the server, the-micropolitan-v.
The Holy Empire of Bois Opposing Indian Slavery THE BOIS July–December 2020 7 Originally formed in July 2020, the group fell into inactivity following the departure of co-founder Corinth Newton from the Discord community. The group would briefly be revived in December 2020 following his return to Discord, though it soon returned to inactivity.

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